Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Booth Display

Hello everyone. I have two big open houses on the same night this season so I'm running amuck trying to get as many holiday items in both locations as fast as I can. Of course, they need to have an appealing look to entice folks into my booths. I got started this weekend on my larger space at Queen of Hearts and after a lot of restructuring of pieces, got quite a lot of inventory in. Still, I have lots more to place as I like to have a really filled booth during these open houses.

A glass case filled and a farm table loaded with items.

The perfect gowns for the "new moon" movie to premiere next week are hanging in the corner.

Tree with vintage beaded ornaments from the 1960-70s.

I am crazy about this old farm table with its layers and layers of old paint. Neat little drawer in the center has original metal knob that is delightfully bent. I wonder how many home cooked meals were served on this table?

Antique wicker tiered server, mica house, depression glass green bowls, serving trays and more.

Channeling the Temptations or the Miracles...I adore this white linen and sequined tux from the Motown era. Hand made from a local tailor in Atlanta and original owner's name is sewn in the jacket.

Large gold leaf letters of the Child's message on a Victorian settee.

Love the old playpen and shutter on top that converts this into a functional buffet. Perfect for showing off you favorite holiday serving items.
This week, I add more to my Vintage Village booth. Will be drawing for my 100th post this weekend with the winner announced on Monday. You may still leave a comment to enter into the 100th post giveaway. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Sea Witch


Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hello there, I just came across your blog, I love it! Like you I love the sea although living in the Cotswolds,I am at the furthest point from hte sea in the UK! We are working towards buying a cottage on the coast. I will keep visiting, perhaps you might like my blog.
Bye 4 now, Tracey

Thewhimsicalchick said...

Your booth looks wonderful. I worked on mine at Cotton Depot last night and this morning. I have alot in but I also have alot yet to price. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Hope to see you soon.
Hugs Becky

Doris Sturm said...

Wow, I'm amazed. You have a very lovely display - there's so much to see. I hope your shows will be very sucessful, but most of all, that you'll meet a lot of nice people to make it a memorable and wonderful experience.

Kind Regards,

Ana said...

Your booth looks great. Love the settee. Every where I look Christmas decorations are up...Yay! I love Christmas. Can't wait to start decorating. Have a wonderful day. And best wishes on both your booths.

Hugs and kisses,

FrenchBlue said...

How charming...mostly filled with so much love. I wish I could come shop with my Christmas list here~

susan said so said...

The wicker server: YUM! And the golden message: yes, and yes, and yes again...



secret word: abangi

paperbird said...

Great treasures- I love the old farm table with the layers of wonderful paint. I hope you do really well at your open house.

deb christensen said...

oh man, if i ever get a vacation off this island i am heading your way. i pretty much want everything in your photos. okay, maybe not the white tux...but everything else.

Christine Edwards said...

Good luck with the Open Houses. I think the booths are looking pretty spectacular. I would definitely stop in.