Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flamingo Tongue

Changed my header out with a recent photo taken over Christmas 2010 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The weather that week was cold and windy and no diving for us.  The last day we were there, the weather finally got above 60 degrees and I had to get in the water so I did a little snorkeling and came upon this "Flamingo Tongue" munching on a fan coral.

Flamingo Tongue Snails are small, colorful snails about one inch long. Gastropods,  which means stomach-footed, eat with their feet. As this snail crawls along the branch of coral, it digests the coral animals.  Can you see the bare purple coral skeleton (trail) where the snail has been?

Found a few neat items over the weekend.  Among them was this neat, antique toy xylophone.  Love the wood base and the numbers on the side and it has a delightful tone.

The popular "Hansen" hand scale. 

Really love this vintage advertising piece from Krusty Loaf Bread.  A large paper and wood wasp with original string, you swing it over your head and it sounds like a real paper wasp flying. 

The deal of the day is this fantastic carnival glass decanter from Imperial Glass.  Rich lustre and brilliant color.  Circa 1910-1920s.

Pretty little cabbage roses plate with brilliant cobalt flow blue frame.         Circa 1900s

Nice pair of small silhouette pictures. Inked profiles of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln.  Circa 1900s

Purchased this nifty shelf at Vintage Village. The price was right and it is a sweet little display shelf.  I think the antique carnival glass I have placed on it looks good.

I love the look of the marigold carnival glass against the white displays.

  The weather in Atlanta right now is in the 60's so we are all doing the happy dance. Have family coming in from NY for the weekend and hopefully the weather will continue for them. Have a wonderful week everyone and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch 


audrey said...

Well, you did find some treasures, didn't you? Out of all that beauty you've photographed, I must admit my favorite is the wasp. I love the size and color of it.
You have some very nice items in your shop.
I am heading to Charleston SC in the morning to visit my son. I hope to find some treasures while there to put in my consignment shop.
The Flamingo Tongue is interesting and colorful. How exciting it must be to snorkel and see these things up close.
♥ audrey

sassytrash said...

That was some good pickin!! (Hope I can find some good stuff this weekend in FL)
I always love your underwater photos--they are so clear and fascinating!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your visiting family!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Our weather will be in the 70's all week, so happy to finally enjoy the beautiful weather! Hope you have a beautiful day!

just call me jo said...

Cold weather at resorts is such a cheat (I think.) We nearly froze in Playa del Carmen a few years ago. The snail is beautiful, however. You do have some treasures there. Yeah!

deb christensen said...

okay the name of your post drew me right in...i love it, and what a great looking creature!

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Hi Sea Witch-

Whoa, that Flamingo Tongue looks like a cartoon character! Are you sure it's real? Very pretty colors. At least you got to go in the water one day on your vacation.

And all that carnival glass is also very beautiful and colorful. I hope the warmer weather holds until the weekend! Take care.