Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prepping for Candlelight Open House

Busy busy busy...prepping for the Queen of Hearts Candlelight Open House this Thursday and attend two other open houses at other locations this week.  Sigh...just not enough time in my day.  LOL. 
I've been pricing items like mad and decorating as fast as a I can.  Every time I bring something in, though it seems to fly out the door.  A good problem to have, so no complaints from me.  So here are a few photos of items I brought in and some new ones found last weekend.

That fantastic 1800s tool box with name and a pair of old photographs in frames from the 1890s.

I can't bring in enough silver this year.  I sell it as fast as I display it.  These three pieces are huge and full of sparkle.

How cool is this Victorian doll's hand?  I am so attracted to the odd and unique.

Nice EAPG string holder.  Perfect for wrapping up those brown paper packages.

Found three delightful children's books from 1892.

Love this sweet chromolithograph in original frame.

I collect Victorian jewel caskets and since I already have a pretty holly designed one, I will sell this one.

Three tops hats in a row.  The large one to the right is from the Victorian period and was used to hold celery at the dinner table.  The middle for salt or sugar and the small  one is from the 1950s and a toothpick holder. 

I love the look of stacked cake plates and compotes.

An overview of the Victorian booth.

This sweet little guy is about 3 feet high and standing in a marvelous vintage 1940s red wagon.  He sold in 24 hours of me bringing him in.

Pretty pair of vintage pewter candlesticks.

Sweet vintage sheep figurine.

Large metal Partridge in a Pear tree candle holder.  If it doesn't sell, I won't mind as I really like it.

A marvelous pair of vintage electric candles.

Large topiary centerpiece.

Neat and heavy, cast aluminum mini chair, sweet Victorian St. Nick and a cute little penguin figurine.

Vintage mica houses/buildings from Japan, circa 1950s, nestled in a big white faux goose feather tree.

There's a lot of work in this sequined and pinned holiday picture.  Circa 1970s

...and finally a pair of Lenox looking holiday deer candlesticks.  I'm off to the Queen this evening to add more items so photos may follow. Hope everyone is having a marvelous week.  Sea Witch


audrey said...

Fantastic items that you've found. I can see why things sell so quickly for you. You have a good eye for what people will like. I LOVE those old electric candles. They are beautiful.
We just had our Holiday Open House last weekend at Buy The Season. It was a record year in sales. I, too, felt stressed out with preparations as I was nursing a bad cold. Didn't get everything I wanted to done, but I can still add things as Christmas nears.
I hope you have a very successful Open House.
♥ audrey

Jacque said...

Lookin' good Witch! You always have the most unusal items!

Hope all is well. Have a great Open House!

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

I just love your Victorian booth. It would be something I'd visit quite often if I lived nearby. I think I would always walk away with an armful of goodies! You are so good at arranging and grouping things to make them extra appealing. And I'm sure that's a big reason things fly out the door so quickly, lol!