Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween Silver

Halloween decor is here.  It's in every store I walk into and customers ask for and are purchasing it now.  The pieces I brought I brought in last weekend have already sold so it's time for another round of interesting pieces. 

I made these pictures a few years back and they sold like hot cakes so I made another grouping.  Brought in 7 and these 2 remain.  Someone likes my creepy prints. 

 I like vintage Halloween when I can find it.  The black cat is a new, folk piece but the nerf pumpkin is from the 1970s. 

I had several different nerf pumpkins with these great, life like faces and sold all on ebay last year.  I found this guy when pulling vintage items this weekend. (my sister said it looked like one of her really bad dates. LOL)  

Everyone needs a witch's hat to display and a pretty little mini frame of a raven.

I found these gravestone marker cinnamon scented pieces last year.  I love the 18th century look they have.

Selling items right off of this antique marble table faster than I can bring items in.  This weekend was a silver bonanza.  And all were found at my local Goodwill's.  Someone must have cleaned out their grandmothers display cabinet because these pieces were amazing.
 Let's start with this pair of very, heavy sterling biker rings from the 1980s.  Not normally found in your mother's display case, but hey, momma must have had bikers in the family.   Big, heavy and oh so "Sons of Anarchy".  Biker jewelry remains a highly collectible arena.

One of my favorite finds this weekend.  Six, Birks Sterling Silver, cut crystal coasters.  These were marked $3.83...I had to get them. 

Six cordials, in their original plastic bags with their label, Empire Silver Company, Brooklyn, NY. These pretty cordials were most likely a wedding gift that never got used.

 Beautiful, Wm Rogers & Sons, silverplated water pitcher from 1929. 
Pattern is Princess.  Wm Rogers offered two different patterns called Princess. This is the earlier pattern, the other was offered in the late 1940s.

Love, love, love this pretty little server.  Hand hammered markings on back with a hallmark I have yet to identify.  It is quality silverplate and embossed with flowers and pheasants. 

Close up of the patterns.  Such a pretty piece.

And finally, a lovely British hallmarked serving tray.  This is a smaller piece, approximately 10 inches in diameter with heavy silverplating and British hallmarks on back.  Circa 1930s.  

There is something marvelous about antique and vintage silverplate pieces. They marry up beautifully with old and new and I use my silver when I entertain as I hope you do.  Sterling can be dear in price and with the silver "rush" going on, many of the old pieces are being sold for scrap as they did in the 1970s.  I hate to see these magnificent pieces lost to scrap.  Quality silverplate continues to gently rise in price but many pieces can be found for pennies. Blessings to you and those you love and peace be found in your house.  Sea Witch

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sassytrash said...

Excellent as always! You DO find the coolest stuff! Thanks SO much for your prayers! I will be keeping you in mine for your upcoming surgery. (Let me know if I can help in any way! I would be glad to drive or run errands if needed) Take care!