Monday, December 10, 2012

I couldn't help it.

I couldn't.  It wasn't my fault.  It called to me. So I went back.  I made another drive to Monroe, Georgia and Davis Street Antiques and returned with two pieces I fell in love with from my friend's booth.  Yes, those two beautiful pieces...the crushed velvet wedding gown and that marvelous "married" parlor table.  There are three big antique malls in Monroe, but by far, my personal favorite is Davis Street Antiques.  As owner, James shares, it is "a place that offers reason to stop and linger.”  Davis Street Antiques truly is a place to linger.  Beautiful pieces fill the many booths and you will always find something to take home.  Photos were taken with my iphone as I had forgotten my camera.  Please forgive the less than high quality.

The front check out space is surrounded by seasonal vignettes.  Real mistletoe, a candle lit jar, and old fashioned Christmas cards reside in a vintage suitcase.

Found pretty transferware bowls and plates.  
One of my favorite items to collect and sell.

 What I really enjoy about Davis Street Antiques are the dealers. They mirror the decorative eye of the owner and you will find delightful little pieces that are repurposed into decorating elements throughout.

The purity of glass provides intimate little settings for your favorite antiques and collections.
I like the simplicity of objects when they are paired together.  Very Georgia O'Keeffe in its arrangement.

Sweet antique shaving mirror with comb box.  The perfect place for a cherub to relax.

These riding boots make the perfect display for your favorite seasonal magazines. 

There is something so gentle about an antique cutter quilt repurposed into a stocking.  How many generations were kept warm with this quilt and now that warmth is shared again with a place for gift giving.

Who doesn't love an old wheel barrow full of pine cones and boughs?  It makes such a welcoming display to your home or business.

Fell in love with this pretty little settee and it was priced for the taking.  I had to really talk myself out of it as I had no room for it, but darn...I really wanted it.

There was no talking myself out of this piece though.  I saw it a few weeks ago and my heart began to race.  Black walnut with original finish intact and original tapestry upholstery.  Does have seating issues, but that is an easy fix.  A gorgeous slipper chair that I can use as a spinning chair.  Yes, I spin fiber and have been using a milking stool for decades.  You need a low chair to sit in or you develop back issues from "hunching over" a wheel.  Now, a slipper chair is any sort of armless, upholstered chair that sits low to the ground (around 15 inches, vs. the usual 17 to 19 inches), usually with a high back and wide seat; dating from the first quarter of the 18th century - an item for the boudoir or bedroom, it allowed a lady to assist her in getting dressed.  The slipper chair flourished in the 19th century and experienced a revival in the mid-20th century.  This lovely piece is an early one, pre Civil War.  I am thrilled with this find and will look forward to sitting in it while I spin.
Now you can see why Davis Street Antiques is one of my favorite places to visit for decorating ideas and antique treasure.  
This past weekend brought delightful weather to the Atlanta area.  Can you say 70s temps?  It was more like May then December and so folks were still having yard sales.  Hit a few on the way back home and found a little treasure.

A pair of sun purple and heavy glass flower frogs.  I think they are perfect for offering candy canes to friends.

Pretty vintage carnival glass 12 Days of Christmas plate.  1970.

A pair of Victorian hair items...a curler and a crimper.  Perfect gift for your favorite stylist.

Fabulous Whiting and Davis flapper era mesh wristlet bag.  In lovely condition with lining intact.  I wonder how many "juke joints" and southern speak easy's this found its way into.

Okay, how cool is this cookie sheet.  Looks like it has never been used. 

My sister's vintage Coca Cola wood box in as excellent condition as a collector could possibly want.  Like a true collector, she has decided to move this piece on to another.  That is the beauty of living with antiques, you can sell off a piece and upgrade to something that has caught your fancy. 

We are so close to the Christmas holidays and everyone is bustling with activity.  Remember the reason for the season and be kind to yourself as well.  When the cooking is done and the decorating is up, when family and friends arrive and take over the house, stop, look around at all that has come your way and give thanks.  There will always be others who have more and many who will have much less.  Blessings to you and those you love.  


Robin Larkspur said...

Again, a delightful collection of the goodies you have found. everything looks in excellent condition, fun, or just darn pretty! your words of wisdom..."there will always be others who have more and many who will have much less" is a good thing to remember during these holidays!
Have a wonderful Season!

Anonymous said...

Very well written blog about your antique store trip. I love the antlers in the wooden bowl. There is a serene look to them, in a sacred sort of fashion. I would love to come across a bit of antlers too. Haven't found any yet, and I don't hunt. I love your blog and being able to view the beautiful things you find. Keep up the witchy traveling. Blessings, and happy holidays. :)

Mitzi said...

What a lovely post, from beginning to end! I enjoyed the images and your wonderful Christmas wishes. I hope you enjoy the holidays too, if I don't touch base with you before! Love and joy is what it's all about!

Tanya said...

SCORE on the slipper chair...guess you'll have to make another trip back for the settee! :-) BEAUTIFUL store. Glad you went back and got the gorgeous gown - Merry Christmas to you! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

My Vintage Heart said...

Oh...that gown was gorgeous, Dari! Great score!!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

First... Your cell phone takes good pictures! I saw nothing to apologize for!

The slipper chair looks perfect for you to sit in when weaving. You can lean back for a break when you need to and the seat is soft.

Putting the candy canes in the flower frogs is a cute idea!

Unknown said...
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Vicki Boster said...

Hi sweetie --
I'm loading blogs into my post for the Grow Your Blog party - and you are all set! Dont forget its on January 19!!


Sherry said...

I inherited a glass flower frog from my mother-in-law (and at the time didn't even know what it was)...and I've kept it, thinking I'll use it for something some day. Putting candy canes in one is an excellent idea! Thank you for sharing that!

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

What a great collection of collectibles! You have a wonderful eye!