Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holiday Open House at the Queen

Can you believe that the Thanksgiving holidays will be kicking off in two weeks?  I can't and the way the holidays fall this year, we actually lose a retail weekend.  Those of us in any business are scrambling like mad to get Holiday Open Houses off the ground and then, of course, we want to visit every one ourselves.  Part of my holiday madness is due to spending a week in Anchorage, Alaska visiting my son and his wife and their three children, my raviolis.  It was a wonderful visit and one that I sorely needed following the passing of my husband in September.  To be surrounded by those who love you helps heal a broken heart.  

Had a great weekend for finding treasure and in between the hunt I was pricing and setting items up in my booths.  With my main living area looking like the holidays have thrown up in it, I was happy to get most of it out of the house and in the booths.  I spied a sweet transferware piece on the Vintage Village facebook page and asked "the vintage hag" to hold it for me until I returned from Anchorage.  When I came by the shop on Friday, I found a lot of treasure that had to come home with me.

Pretty little chippy child's rocker is perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Keeping this baby for myself.  I adore vintage tinware pieces and this US Kreamer is a keeper.

Ditto with the treenware, these two antique butter paddles are fantastic.

Sweet child's feedsack dress will be in my booth next week.

Gorgeous flow blue soft paste platter and a sweet pewter salt and pep set.

The transferware piece that instigated the buying frenzy. LOL  

One of my Christmas displays in my main booth.  Trying to get ready for the Queen of Hearts - Buford Open House on Thursday. Is there ever enough time?

Filled the hutch with pretty plates.

Mercury glass piece are a popular seller.

Pretty primitive Christmas pins and other decorative elements.

Delightful light up Candyland house will enchant children.

That pretty little chair at the start of this post is now decorated for Christmas.

Mica snowballs are fun decorating elements.

Sweet mica house and snowballs on a silverplate tray makes a nice holiday display.

I almost kept this pretty Victorian quad plated bowl.

My best find this weekend, a gorgeous Victorian quad plate tea/coffee service set in excellent condition.  It is in my Victorian booth waiting for someone who will take it home.

My Victorian booth almost ready for the Open House.

I repurposed wool sweaters from Goodwill by felting them and then turning them into stockings.  This was a fun project as I was able to get about 6 stockings of different sizes out of one sweater.

These were so much fun to make and I like the idea of repurposing thrift store sweaters into holiday stockings.  I'm gonna try and catch up on my blog reading this week as I have been missing the posts.  Wishing everyone a wonderful week and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Calvin said...

It's not easy to prepare for the open house, but it's a fun experience. It's helpful for those who are looking for a new house, for those who are thinking of redesigning their house, and for those who are just looking for an interesting stuff that are for sale. I do hope you'll enjoy this year's holiday open house. Regards to your son and his family! :)

Calvin Mordarski @

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

Your finds are great! And am glad you had a great trip. I am so sorry about your husband, blessings to you. Di@Cottage-wishes

My Garden Diaries said...

I am in love with those butter paddles! They are sooo cool! And I can not blame you for keeping that tin creamer! What a score! And your socks!!! Amazing! I was hoping to make some pillows out of some thrifted finds! So glad to see you back...hope your husband is doing ok...been thinking about you guys...Nicole

the old white house said...

ohhh I love your sweater stockings, and the little dog picture that you posted about a few posts ago is a real keeper too! I could learn so much from you in the antique dept. I just see something, know that it's old and go crazy for it! I can't finish this without telling you that I am so sorry to read about your husband, you are in my thoughts and prayers. It's nice that you could go visit your son and his family. take care, sending much love, t.xoxoox