Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Freezing my tail off

Unless you are living in the Florida Keys or Hawaii, you have been impacted by this unnaturally cold vortex we are all under. 

Frozen pond in Japan.

 It is so cold in the Atlanta area that with wind chills we are seeing sub zero temps...so cold that my pipes have frozen.  Thankfully, the shower still works and the toilets flush and I have lots of fiber to knit half gloves to keep my fingers warm. LOL.  I hope everyone had a lovely December and a safe new year.  

I am looking forward to 2014 for it's new opportunities, antiquing adventures, visiting the raviolis and my sister and just embracing what life will offer me.

Found these beauties the last week of the old year.

 1899 print of a gorgeous Edwardian lady surrounded by roses.

Pretty Victorian dresser tray is trimmed in gilt with finely painted initials at the top.  These are such lovely pieces from an age gone by.

Small brass box is etched Paris 1918.  Most likely a souvenir brought back from a WW1 soldier to a favored lady in his life.

I like fancy salt and pepper shakers and this pretty set is Japanese. 

There is nothing like the beauty of Wedgwood pieces.  This frame has a rich, cobalt blue velvet backing and stand.

Pretty velveteen pears make a sweet decorative statement.

Looking forward to an auction this Saturday and I hope to come home with some treasure.  Hope everyone stays warm and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Seawashed said...

Here in northern california we are lucky to escapexthe freeze too. Its been unusually sunny here. We need rain but I am grateful for the warmth. I am praying for all of you under the snow and ice. My nephew is in a village in Japan teaching. I do not k ow if his conditions are like the photo you shared.

Mitzi said...

I love that Wedgwood frame and the velveteen pears....great finds! And I hope the first auction of 2014 treated you well!