Monday, May 25, 2015

Time is on my side.

Time was on my side this weekend with two great time piece finds.  

First, this gawgeous Eastlake influence mantle clock that I found in one of my favorite dealers spaces, My Vintage Heart at one of my favorite antique shops, Vintage Village in Snellville, GA.

I actually went in to pick up a lovely piece of coral from another favorite dealer, Gray Glory, and on my way to her space, this beauty called to me.  She has a marvelous sound and I adore the faux celluloid marble overlay. Has a few issues, but then who doesn't, these days.

And that lovely piece of coral that I was coming in to purchase.  Found in Gray Glory's space, I also fell in love with this great oval serving tray.  Smaller than the standard butler trays, this would make a great dresser tray for pretty perfume bottles, hat pins and jewelry.

Just when I thought it couldn't be a better weekend of treasure seeking when this lovely, antique kitchen clock whispers to me.  Smaller than the standard kitchen clock, this beauty has all the right whistles and bells and the original key.  

 A thrift store find, heavy, cast bronze hump backed whales circling a gorgeous and heavy, end of day like glass globe light.   I'm always amazed at what people donate to a thrift store.

 Couldn't believe I found this Weller flower frog at a thrift store.  In great condition and a pretty green color.

I can never pass by a china tea cup without lifting it to the light to see if it is a lithophane. Found a pair of vintage, cups and saucers with gorgeous Geisha's inside.

These adorable leprechaun decanters were an auction win.  From the 1970s, all are music boxes that once held Irish Whiskey.  

 Adore antique carnival glass and I found these cobalt glasses at a local haunt.  Brilliant lustre, they now reside in my home display case.

 An auction win, this carved walnut Victorian rocker is so comfortable.  Original upholstery velvet has faded to a soft peach color.

 Found this pair of Patriotic postcards at Vintage Village.

 Drooling over this faboosh, antique porch rocker. My favorite seafoam green color and this baby is low to the ground. It is now my new spinning chair...for when I spin on my spinning wheels.  You need a seat that is low to the ground so you are not "hunched over" the wheel while you spin.  This rocker is so comfortable that you can rock and "spin" the hours away.  Another Vintage Village find, it was raining down treasure this weekend.

And finally, the first "seawitch" oil lamp I have ever come across. Seafoam green with scales along the top of the glass. All original, this lovely hanging oil lamp is my new favorite piece.  Heard from a facebook gal pal that this is also considered dragon scales and is a rare piece.  I adore oil lamps and use them all of the time.  I'm just head over teakettle with this piece.   It was a lovely, long weekend for me.  Took Friday off to make it a four day affair and I was busy antiquing, painting furniture and paid my respects at a local Memorial Day event.  Hope your weekend was full of blessings...and wishing you blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch 

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Barb said...

Well, dear friend... you hit the mother lode!
love you lots!!