Sunday, February 28, 2016

Leap Year Weekend Treasure

Don't you just love having an extra day in the year to find or acquire treasure?  Even though I have been spending more time doing spring cleaning around the house, I did take the time to do a little treasure hunting the last two weekends.

Neat set of four of the Northwood Carnival glass 12 Days of Christmas plates. 

Post World War 2 brass and copper link bracelet with heraldry shields.  Very heavy piece with invisible clasp, this is a unique piece. British.

Lovely graduated mother of pearl (MOP) bead necklace.  Early 20th century piece.

 Stunning Weiss brooch and earrings.  Fiery rhinestones and in perfect condition.

 Lovely hand wrought sterling and brass pin with cabochon turquoise, MOP, moonstone, bloodstone and agate gems.  

Was the winner of a box lot of Victorian parasols.  All are structurally in excellent shape, but all have silk issues.  Still, these are marvelous for steampunk cosplay.  

Wonderful antique German, jasperware, bisque vase shaped like an egg with  Easter rabbits on front and back in relief.  Marked 2141 and 19.      

Love these vintage, carnival glass beaded bags.  In fantastic condition, this is now a personal piece.

An amazing at one of my favorite haunts for treasure. A pair of plates, one large, the other small, Georgian, pierced Staffordshire saltglaze stoneware circa 1760. Yes, genuine 18th century pieces. I'm still deciding if I want to hold on to them for a while or sell them.

Really nice and big wooden spoon. I wonder how many delicious pie crusts were prepared with this?  Circa 1960s

Love these hand crocheted tablecloths.   Nice crocheted lacy one and is very 1950s.

Pretty commemorative plate from 1907.  Lovely mother and child with heavy gold lustre trim.

Information on back of plate.

Gorgeous, late Victorian low serving bowl is heavy with slip.  

Another Victorian beauty.  Bavarian bowl with pretty cabbage roses.

First time I have ever come across a Soviet Union (Russian) slide rule.  Dated 1974 with Cyrillic lettering.

 Sold all of my white ware gravy/sauce tureens over the last few weeks and found this lovely Red Cliff one complete with drip tray and ladle.  

Nifty Art Deco measuring jigger is silverplated brass. 

And finally, this marvelous hand carved Katsina.  Usually called a Kachina, this is the incorrect name for these Hopi pieces.  The Wolf, beautifully carved from Cottonwood, is signed by the artist carver, Leo La Capa, Hopi and with the corn stalk hallmark.  I am busy researching information on the carver.  

Lots going on in my neighborhood regarding the antiques trade.  Vintage Village is now fully moved into their new digs on Oak Road in Snellville and the new shop is amazing.  Hodge Podge, in Monroe, is also moving to a new location in March and I cannot wait to see the new spaces.  Where my booths are located, the Queen of Hearts, Buford just finished their wedding event and we are now getting ready for our spring fling in March.  I will be posting more about that in the near future.  We have had two days of "true" spring Atlanta weather this weekend and now I have serious spring fever.  I want to stay home and clean house from top to bottom.  Ah well, it's back to work on Monday, sigh, so blessings to you and those you love and have a lovely week.  SeaWitch.

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