Sunday, August 7, 2016

Silver lining finds.

As with the rest of the US goes these days, we are still dealing with hot hot temps.  Most folks are hiding in malls or movie theaters to embrace the AC within.  I went a little treasure hunting early on Saturday to try and get home before the temps entered 3 digit categories again.  The silver lining with this hunt was just that...silver.  Lots of beautiful silverplate was everywhere and that is what I came home with.   

This lovely Victorian quadruple plated serving tray was a thrift store find. 
Lots of silver is still intact.

Victorian, Bride's Baskets are a favorite of mine.  
Found two of them this week and this one I kept.

It was the rim along the top and bottom that is filled with bats, crabs, lizards, lobsters and turtles that  caught my eye.  Bride's Baskets are uniquely Victorian and The Ribbon in My Journal  blog has a marvelous post about the history of Bride's Baskets.

Silver, silver everywhere.  Another Bride's Basket, little Chippendale server, Gorham bud vase and a pair of shakers. 

 Stunning open compote and a pair of lovely, small servers.

Just when I thought I couldn't find more silver, these two beauties jump at me.
Heavy champagne bucket is in like new condition right down to the engraved names and date of August 10, 1974.  Serve your best, jumbo shrimp in this pretty shell server with sauce holder with cobalt blue glass insert.

A few non silver pieces came home with me, this pair of souvenir EAPG pieces are sweet, especially the little cutie creamer.

Pretty little Royal Copenhagen figurine, The Little Mermaid.

Last but not least, this delightful photograph with hand painted details in original frame.  A mother's love shows with lots of smiles.  Flapper era shows her bobbed hair and dressing gown.  Very 1920s.

Watching the Olympics as I write this post.  Women's Gymnastics has been awesome.  Wishing everyone an olympic week and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


sonia said...

What great finds! Now I must read about the bride's basket. Also, I love the last photo of the mother.

Tanya said...

The photos always tug at my heartstrings...sad that no one within the family kept it, as it was passed down.