Saturday, November 19, 2016

Christmas Open Houses and an extraordinary gift

Tis the Season of Holiday/Christmas Open houses at many of my favorite antique stores. 

I had the opportunity to visit "Curious Possessions" in Snellville and it was filled with Christmas delights.

Christmas reds abound.

Nice vintage foil Santa.

Darling child's toy cash register.

Sweet little red longjohn's are an adorable item to decorate with.

Lovely punch bowl set is waiting for your holiday party.

 Delightful pair of Snowman candlesticks.

This dealer offered a stunning, complete set of Currier and Ives dinner ware and serving pieces.

Crazy about this beautiful print.

Boop boop be doop!

Lovely group of mid century vases.  These are hot collectibles right now.

Pretty purple decorative elements.

 Elvis loves a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas.

 Everything you need for your entertaining.

 This is such a warm display.

As I walked from booth space to booth space, something caught my eye on a shelf.  I have a passion for Victorian quadruple plate and I saw this pretty serving bowl had a sea shell theme.  Something I have never seen in my many years of collecting.  I made a fast bee-line to it, hoping that the many others in the shop had not seen it.   

I looked everywhere for the price tag and couldn't find it so I started emptying out the silver balls inside it.  I find a paper tag and instead of finding a price I see a message.  My heart skips a beat and then tears begin to fill my eyes. 

I'm reading the note but I still am in shock and carry this beautiful serving bowl with the note to the front desk for them to confirm what I am reading.  They see the tears in my eyes and after reading the note, they begin to shed a few tears as well.  My friend, Rose, whose spaces are known as Silver Glory, Pink Glory and Gray Glory always have such beautiful pieces and I have purchased many items over the years from her booths.  She had been saving this piece for me since the summer because she knows how much I love the sea and her lovely surprise will always be a Christmas memory for me.  This stunning bowl will be a centerpiece in my home in Florida and I will always think of Rose and smile when I see it. 

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch

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Lady Locust said...

That is beautiful! Both the dish and the kindness:)