Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 - middle of January

Hello everyone and a happy but very belated New Year.  I have been remiss in blogging these last few months for so many reasons.  My day job, my health, my spaces...but a dear antiquing gal pal reminded me how much she enjoyed my posts and I have missed writing them so I am going to get back to blogging again.   

Had a great December with my spaces at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall, one of my best sales months in several years and that invigorated me to look through the last of my 9 boxes from my move two years ago.  It was like Christmas all over again discovering items I had forgotten I had so I'm busy pricing them and bringing them into my spaces.  The best thing about this, though, was filling up my vehicle with items to donate to Goodwill and the extra space in the garage.  

Did a little cyber shopping at my favorite antique shop in Snellville, Georgia - Vintage Village.  Love when my #happymail arrives and these are the treasures that arrived:

Absolutely stunning vintage bird cage.  Strong, big and original paint makes this a winner all around.  Now to figure out where to hang it.

Set of three wooden shoe lasts. I love these decorative elements.

Another favorite of mine are the stiff Edwardian collars.  I use them in a glass cloche along with other antique elements.

And finally, this marvelous, antique clock face.  This bad boy is big and along with its Roman numerals time it has the numerical calendar along the outside.  I am fascinated with time pieces large and small and have antique clocks around the house.  Some work, some don't but they still call to me, none the less.

Most of us get into this business to upgrade or add to their personal collecting.  That is what brought me into this marvelous business.  I wanted to add to my vintage clothing and my needlework tools like spinning wheels and bone crochet hooks and of course, I went a little wild with all the marvelous things that are out there.   So here are some of my last two weeks finds that have found their way or will into my spaces.

Large bee hive cloche.  

Nifty little find, a pair of 1970s, Indiana carnival glass pedestal compote candlesticks.  I had never seen these before and they are fun pieces.

Lovely silverplated fish that is a menu holder. Italian from the 1950s.  This would be perfect for a seafood restaurant to display the day's specials.

A gorgeous Victorian art glass compote.  Silverplated base with an opalescent glass base with ruby trim.

 Lovely Wedgwood Jasperware bowl.  The base it is resting on is mine, a purchase from a gal pal dealer from Vintage Village several years ago.  

 Pretty little porcelain lady pin cushion.  These were wildly popular in the 1920-30s.

 This was a great find, a pair of Goofus Glass large, low bowls in marvelous condition. Usually these have the cold paint from the bottom missing.  

Nice vintage Sacred Heart of Jesus print in original tin frame from the 1930s.

Delightful pair of the Victorian favorite...Cupid Asleep and Cupid Awake in charming, oak heart shaped frames.

 Beautiful Victorian, molded nickel over copper humidor.  I'm head over teakettle with the shape so my struggle is to keep or sell.  I may live with it for a few weeks before I make the decision.

A personal acquisition, a commercial silk thread spinner.  This spins so sweetly and easily when the metal points are held between two fingers.  

 Set of three, antique, turn of the century booklets of love.  The covers and illustrations inside are pure joy.

My last find was this stack of cabinet cards.  I adore these and I'm going to use the small ones in garland that I will be making.

I am hopeful for 2019, for my spaces at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall, for a positive direction in my "day" job, for continued health as I age (don't we all) and I wish you all the same and I always wishing you blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

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mxtodis123 said...

I love them all, but I think my favorite is the little porcelain lady pin cushion and the Wedgwood Jasperware bowl. Either one of them would fit right in here.