Monday, April 8, 2019

Buying back my youth

Nope, not a post about a new anti-aging creme, not about botox or cosmetic surgery...but I did buy a bit of my youth back this weekend.  

I was taking pictures at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall to add to our facebook pages when one of the dealers brought in this marvelous, 1935, mechanical toy of the Lincoln Tunnel by the Unique Art Manufacturing Company, Newark, NJ.   As a child, I spent many a weekend in the family station wagon with my sisters and mom and dad.  We would travel from our home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey and  head into Manhattan which took us through the Lincoln Tunnel.  As we entered the tunnel, dad would tell us girls to lift our feet up and not let them touch the floor of the station wagon until we left the tunnel and entered the city...we would then do the same on the way out of the NY tunnel entrance back into NJ.  So many memories of this trip, we took often as a family, came flooding back and I had to come home with this vintage toy and I purchased back a piece of my youth.

The weekend found other treasure that will find its way into my spaces.

Nifty 1970s bird cage as an Aladdin look about it.   I love to fill these with groups of pillar candles or small, white lights and hang in outdoor living spaces.

Found this lovely, antique trumpet shaped brass vase.  Most likely an altar piece.  It is a tall vase with original patina from the early 1900s.

Pretty little antique, brown transferware creamer.  

Simply charming, vintage personal teapot is hand decorated with painted oranges and blossoms.  this is a pretty little thing.

Don't you just love children's shoes?  This is a sweet pair of black, leather  shoes from the early 1900s.

Darling miniature oil lamp is a depression era lamp.  I may be keeping this one myself.

My local Goodwill had a bag of Christmas and these pre-skew ornaments from Italy were in the bag along with other items.

Four, mid century, plastic Santas.

Four plastic reindeer...these will be added to my personal collection.

 A group of those impish elves.

It was a lovely weekend with Florida spring temps making it perfect to spend time in the pool.  Nothing better than a book and a dog but sweet girl fell asleep on my book in the sun and I didn't have the heart to move her.  So I did as she did and took a snooze on a raft floating the afternoon away.  Life is good and with that let me wish blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch.

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