Thursday, October 7, 2021

Fallin' into Fall

 Hello, my children.  Last we met it was July and here it is October.  The summer came and went and the days are getting shorter.  Lots going on my in day job, was offered a new position and I couldn't refuse it so Monday I have a new manager and a new role where I get to utilize my creativity in my corporate world.  I'm looking forward to this new position and I will be working with my old team from 2017 so it's kinda like the "band getting back together."  

In addition, this 67-year-old gal has become an "influencer" for Wunderkeks cookies.  Yes, an influencer at my age, who'da thunk.  It came about in the oddest way.  I had arranged for Wunderkeks cookies to be delivered to my colleagues on behalf of our manager as a thank you for the work we do. They were so good and as a way to say thank you to our manager, I created a thank you video, and I then sent it to Wunderkeks to share how much we enjoyed them.

Next thing I know I am contacted by the owners of Wunderkeks that they enjoyed the video so much and asked if I would like to be an influencer for their brand.  I shared that I have a pretty small social media footprint but they saw something in my video that they needed to explore so a month later, I'm sent a box of their cookies and asked to participate in a pompom challenge along with their stable of much younger influencers.  I'm game...

What I really like about Wunderkeks cookies is that each are individually wrapped making them perfect to give away as thank you's...also great to take boating, kayaking, tubing as well. 
 With our hot and humid Florida weather, I began leaving a couple of cold bottles of water and cookies for the FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Amazon delivery folks.

A month later, another promo and it was my favorite so far.  Gift perfect strangers cookies and share the experience. I can't think of anything that is more fun than giving cookies away.  I love these promos by Wunderkeks.

Of course, their October promo had us scaring someone on video.  Okay, I attempted to scare the FedEx, UPS, the USPS delivery folks and the Door Dash folks and not one, NOT ONE, was scared. They just looked at me like I was a crazy old coot; just made the delivery and walked away with a free cookie. The only thing I can think is they must all come across so many nut jobs at the door that they are desensitized to an old broad jumping out from behind hibiscus bushes.

One last attempt to scare someone and my lawn lady was the only one I had not attempted to scare.  Well, not only was Tammy a great sport, she laughed about it and thought it was hilarious that the two of us played out such childish behavior.  

Of course, I gifted her with a 6 pack of their latest fall offerings...Pumpkin and white chocolate chip cookies and Pumpkin Snickerdoodles.  

I have to share that Wunderkeks cookies are like homemade and they have a great selection of varieties and seasonal offerings.  I am really looking forward to seeing what they do for the Christmas season.

Now, on to a few of my favorite finds over the last few months.

A lovely Victorian Eastlake slipper stool. Needlepoint seat is dark tole blue with floral medallion.
Circa 1870-1890s.

Silver Cup Bread, sponsors of "The Lone Ranger" radio show during the 1930s Antique silverplated trophy with incised "Silver Cup Bread" is most likely a salesman's award. Circa 1930s

Beautiful cut to clear ruby blood red Bohemian Czech glass pitcher with five lemonade tumblers. Circa 1920s

Marvelous 1970s Three Kings figurines. Some minor fills along the crowns of two of the kings, but for the age in great condition.

These vintage 1970s ceramic trees continue to be in demand and I found this little one that was not more than 8 inches high but when lit, it is a charmer.  It didn't last 24 hours in my space.

Antique WW1 Era Chevalier Opticien Paris Binoculars. Circa 1900s.

A gorgeous pair of large, ornate Ormolu, gold filigree and amber glass perfume bottles. Roses are the theme with gold wash filigree, amber beveled, oval glass and with original glass daubers. Hollywood Regency, Circa 1950s

Lovely, rare, Art Deco era, Fenton ruby glass decanter, #1934, with floral stopper. Made between 1934 - 1938.

This is one of those rare Goodwill finds.  They had it priced at $9.98 because the clock mechanism was replaced with a battery-operated one.  Not unusual for antique clocks to have been saved from the woodpile with battery-operated works. 

This is a fine example of a French Morez picture frame clock and is the quintessential French country wall clock.  These clocks were mostly made in and around the town of Morez which is located in the Comte region of France. This particular clock has a its design being made up of mother of pearl inlay, various woods, and brass.  Even without the original clockworks, these command high prices.   I go weak in the knees for timepieces and I am going to live with this for a while to decide if I want to eventually sell.

So, the summer months were good to me with nifty finds and a lot of fun handing out cookies.  I hope the season was a good one for you, friends, and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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