Monday, December 14, 2009

Header change, holiday playlist, spa time and a treasure hunt.

It was a cold, dampy weekend with lots of rain, wind and a some snowflakes. The perfect weekend for treasure hunting, using up the last of my spa certificate from nearly a year ago and why not change out my header and produce a new playlist to boot.  So let's start with the header.  This neat looking fish is called a Black and Gold Grunt but is more commonly known as the Pork Fish.  The Atlantic porkfish is the only Caribbean grunt with two black vertical bars and yellow stripes. They are a gentle fish and you can touch them if you move quietly to them.   They are primarily nocturnal predators and Porkfish, like all grunts, produce grunt-like sounds most often heard during duress.  The one in the photo was a good size, almost as big as an adult cat.  

By now you must be listening to my holiday playlist.  Just a few of my personal favorites.  I hope you enjoy them as well.  Also changed out the background to Raviolis for Lunch, the blog I maintain for my grandchildren.  Now it features Christmas Dick and Jane illustrations.

Had some spa time left on a gift certificate at Spa Sydell, one of Atlanta's premiere spas.  This was a perfect weekend to spend some pampering of me time so I booked a Reflexology appointment and a facial.

For the very young age of 55, I have learned several months ago that I have really advanced arthritis in my left knee.  Not a good thing for someone as active as me as it can hurt like a motha and I'm not a pain pill kinda gal. Other than having to wear "too sensible shoes" most of the day and adjusting to a limp when the weather is really bad, I manage.  Swimming helps a lot and as much as I love being in water, I can't sit in a tank at my office so I'm always game to try something sensibily holistic.  Read that reflexology (massage and pressure point work) may help arthritis so that was my first appointment.  One word...HEAVEN.  Not only did the session feel terrific but actually diminished the pain and my limp.  I am interested in seeing how long it will be before the pain returns and I'm back to limping, especially with the damp weather right now.  If I can go a few weeks without, then I'm back for a monthly appointment as I hate limits on what my body can do.

I followed up the reflex work with a facial.  Lovely way to relax and I'm really glad that I took the time to do this for me.  Following my time at the "spa" I then hit one of my favorite places for treasure hunting and I scored.

A vintage chopping bowl in terrific condition, pretty Victorian quadruple plate teapot with engraved initial "E" on it.   Pretty ivory turnings on handle. Neat photo on thick backing from the 1940s, US Army Medical Unit butter pat -- WW2 era,  nice vintage, pine needle basket.    

  Delightful late Victorian child's desk with locking drawer and pull out writing board and in lovely golden oak.  Needs some work, but very minor.  Will have to find a key to lock the little drawer. 

Crazy about this Antique lobster handle server.  Gold lustre on this handsome lobster and pretty transferware flowers trimmed in brillina salmon pink edging. I'm thinking of keeping this myself...something a Sea Witch should have in her home.  We shall see.

Sweet shabby child's chair in pale yellow with original aqua paint showing through and a marvelous Columbian Exposition etching.  No picture of the Etching, have already dropped it off at appraiser friends place for info on it.

Wonderful cast iron fireplace insert frame.

It was a great haul for a rainy, dampy day.  Now all I have to do is wait for the holidays to end so I can swap out my booth from Christmas to these wonderful pieces.  Have a great week everyone.  Sea Witch


Anonymous said...

Hey my lil real mermaid friend! You make me wanna come to visit you and go see fish and really be a mermaid for a day or so! I am so sorry you are having to deal with stupid arthritis. My mom has it in her hands so I know what your dealing with. I hope it takes a long long long time to return or maybe it decided you just werent the gal to invade upon and left ya all at once! hehe Big hugs


p.s. love the christmas music!

Kathleen said...

I am so enjoying your Christmas play list. A little time at a spa sounds like heaven. I know about those painful knees. I had double knee replacements when I was 49. It was like a miracle, as I had been in terrible pain with no relief. I hope the reflexolgy helps you out. Can't wait to see those pics of your lucky finds. I'll be back! Have a great day, Sea Witch! Hugs, Kathleen

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Sea Witch

Thank you for the nice "welcome home" I know you know how hard it is to leave loved ones behind when the time comes to return home ;-/

Your spa day sounds wonderful! I am way overdo for the same treat ..maybe Santa will be generous to me this year? lol

I have arthritis in both of my knees so I "feel your pain" really does help to remain active and the doctor told me water exercises are the best!

Your antique finds are all so special! I'm sure they will all be bought as soon as you display them.

Enjoyed your playlist too!

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Gads, I wish I could find such great stuff, but I live in the middle of shopping nowhere (sniff). Lovelovelove the fireplace frame!

Ana said...

I had a spa day once....a girl can certainly get use to it huh? I LOVED IT! So glad you got a chance to take some time for yourself. Oh! And awesome finds. Have a wonderful new week and take care of that knee.

Hugs and Kisses,

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Seawitch, what a great day! I would have been really happy with the lobster, let alone everything else.
Bad news about the knee, my mum is suffring from "bakers cyst" in the knee which has stopped her from getting about, she says it stems from the 1960's when she popped her knee awkwardly pulling a winkle picker boot off !
Get in the water, that surely will help.
Only a few days and we are off to the rough and ready British seaside - I can't wait!
Have a lovely Christmas,