Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not so white Wednesday.

Hello everyone.  Winter is here in the south and what remaining leaves that have fallen now grace the open deck parking lot at my place of employment.  The brown leaves are wet from days of on and off rain and they have become temporary petroglyphs on the concrete

I love these ghostly images that fight to remain and so I stopped to take a few pictures before I entered the building to begin my day.

I adore the muted shades of earth-tones against the scoured, white concrete.  Our Mother Earth shares her beauty with us at so many unexpected moments.

One brown leaf will eventually become a winter petroglyph.

Like temporary fossils recording a moment in time, these images always make me feel good.   Have a lovely white or "not so white" Wednesday.  Blessings to everyone this day.  Sea Witch


Chris said...

Cool photos! Love the "temporary fossil" description...perfect!

Bettyann said...

I love these images also..thanks for sharing them with us before you start your day..take care..

Unknown said...

What neat images - beauty from common objects, like Japanese rice paper.

Christine Edwards said...

Ooh, how gorgeous...I love the ghost imprints left behind. Mother Nature truly is one of the best artists around.

Javajune said...

Oh thats lovely. What a great scene to help you start your day- so festive.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Those colors match my new decorating scheme so perfectly. Mother Nature never fails to amaze me. All we have to do is take a minute to notice.
bunny hugs,