Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall at Vintage Village

Finally got back to Vintage Village to check out the fall booths. Always full of nifty things, I knew I couldn't just window shop...treasure would be found and purchased.

This both had a marvelous avocado theme.  Don't you love the large framed photo of the lovely older woman?

White elements are always a favorite.

How about this fantastic antique hoop skirt crinoline?  Had to have it so it came home with me.  I adore antique clothing and finding pieces like this are a joy.

Lovely florals for your fall decor.

American Primitives are among my favorite.  This favorite dealer of mine always has such fantastic pieces. 

So many wonderful things to choose from.

Wonderful tapestry fabric on this pretty little settee.

Love this display of Halloween items.

Pretty little Victorian parlor table.  Perfect for a huge Boston fern.

More wonderful treasure at Vintage Village.  Always a great place to shop. 

Pretty hats, a piano baby, needlepoint and a sweet black table. 

Now for more goodies that I found at Vintage Village.  Had to have them.  A wonderful CDV photo, pretty little quad plate clothing brush and a marvelous sterling handled Victorian shoe horn.

A terrific mid-Victorian print, bubble glass and deep frame.  I am a sucker for old pieces like this.
The print is in terrific condition, colors are true.

Tomorrow I will post on other items I found at a little shop called Joy's Vintage Flea.  She will be moving into Vintage Village this week.  She has marvelous kitschy pieces and I can't wait to see her new space.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone.  Sea Witch


MJ Ornaments said...

Love the hoop skirt, thanks for sharing! Take care, Martha

One Vintage Hag said...

oh la la Sea Witch,
as always you and I share many of the same loves. so glad you were able to scout them out at the village with that ever present "eye". thanks for the visit and kind words. we appreciate your continued patronage!
happy fall!
xo ~one vintage hag

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Great photos and it would be so hard to choose just a few things from that wonderful selection! I wish there was a market like that near me I think I would be there all the time!
Have a super week!
Tina xo

Amanda Across America said...

I ADORE your blog! I was so glad I happened upon it! I love vintagey things. In fact, my apartment sits directly above a thrift store. I bet you could dig up all kinds of treasures. Great work here, Sea Witch!

Kathleen said...

I just love the Halloween display! I would love to go shopping there. Annxious to see more, so I can window shop a little more!
Hugs, Kathleen