Monday, September 20, 2010

Mantle & other treasure

Oh how I wish I had another day to play.  Lovely weekend spent finding treasure, dinner with my honey and sis, then Sunday at the Queen adding items to my booths and stripping this marvelous oak mantle.  I purchased this several weeks ago and finally got around to beginning the stripping process.  It had the original shellac finish so I knew it would not be too difficult to remove. Still, always a messy process.  Someone had tried to strip it earlier,  but they did not use a strong product so it was left with lots of darkened clumps on the original finish. (all photos enlarge...double click and they really get large)
How I found it with clumps of stripper on original finish.

Wide boards, 9 inches in diameter and pretty oak elements of a wreath on each side.  Solid oak construction, this dates back to the middle 1800s.  Lots of thick spots of shellac as well as the original finish were hard and thick.  I couldn't wait to begin stripping it.

Used a spray on stripper from Home Depot. It began to work immediately and within 5 minutes the finish had risen off the oak.  The above is the first pass of removal.  Already, the wood is showing that lovely rich, golden patina from this marvelous American oak.
I will work on this throughout the week to get it ready for the store next weekend.

From the treasure hunt, I found this lovely pair of late Victorian milk glass vases with hand painted roses on them.  Circa 1890s.

Sold the last fur piece I had with this dress, so I brought in this marvelous minks collar/stole.  Lovely golden fur in excellent condition.  Circa 1920-40s.

I don't usually repaint antiques when they are in good condition but these "stairways to heaven" are almost always white pine with darkened shellac.  So I decided to paint this one black and sand the edges to give it a shabby look.  Dropped in the print of my favorite Victorian pinup witch and this nifty "Stairway to Heaven just took on a whole different look that I really, really like. Add a few candles, some sage and feathers and you have a lovely Wiccan alter or a great Halloween display.

Added an ornate and gilt frame with a Victorian CDV card (print) of a little witch.
As you can tell, I'm slowly Halloweening up my Victorian booth.

Replaced all of the cabbage roses china pieces with rich marigold vintage/antique carnival glass.  It looks wonderful in this cabinet.
Found this marvelous and heavy copper mold book ends.  I think they would make lovely door stops too, especially in a mountain/lake home or cabin.

Nothing like a big and bold and oh so soft raccoon collar to wear with your favorite dress or coat.  Now that is the way to make an entrance.

Also found another pair of pretty holiday Wedgwood plates.

A yard sale stop found these faux apples. They look real enough to eat.

Another find was this pretty pair of occupied japan figurines

And another favorite of mine, old shoe lasts.  I usually decorate these up with a candle and fall leaves.

But my last treasure was this faboosh vintage girl scout uniform from the 1950s.  Patches on the sleeves and in wonderful condition.  Will wash it tonight and then press and starch.

Am looking forward to reading your posts this week as well. Have a lovely week and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


just call me jo said...

Love the treasures. How come I never find things like this? The girl scout uniform is great!

piggy said...

Wow! what a cool stash...of course I love it all. When are we getting together girl? I miss you!

Ana said...

Hi dear friend...
What awesome treasure finds! Love, love, love the mantle and the rest of the goodies you found. Wished I lived closer...I would be at your booth so fast so I could see all those little treasures in person :-)Hope you're doing well. Have a fantabulous new week my friend.

Much love,

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Great finds Dari and I was amazed and shocked to see the metal frame with the ornate leaf work...I have exactly the same one with a picture of my Great-great-grandparents in it! Wow! Small world....big ocean!
Tina xo

Kerry said...

I love the milk glass vases with the roses and the caramel glass. My Aunt collected caramel glass, I have a few pieces it is just so warm and pretty.
Have a good week.

Doris Sturm said...

You sure find a lot of wonderful treasures! I especially enjoyed looking at the mink stole. When I was a little kid in Germany, I had a similar stole where the animal's mouth clipped onto its tail via an alligator clip, but I don't think it was mink. It was smaller, I think it was a weasel. I loved that had satin on the bottom, but was once a real critter...

Kathleen said...

As usual Witch I love all your treasures. For the first time I noticed your tags (took me awhile). I love them. Do you do those up on the computer? How do you go about making them (I know I am computer challenged). You know that I have a booth too, and I think this is a fantastic idea. You really have a keen eye, I wish you gave lessons.
Hugs, Kathleen

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Such beautiful items! That mantle is stunning.

I love the bookends! Are those leaves made of copper? How much would it cost to ship them to NY if I bought them?

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Wow! Lots of fun stuff for fall -- love it. And thanks so much for your kind thoughts about Preston. He was a terrific guy. xo