Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Candelight Open House - Vintage Village

The season of Christmas Walks and Open Houses is here and my favorite way to start off the holiday season is to visit the annual Vintage Village Candlelight Open House.  Vintage Village does something that not too many shops do.  They turn off the main store lights and only the lights from trees, chandliers and candles are allowed giving off a marvelous glow throughout.  Glitter and sparkle never looked better with the warm hues of pink and yellow from candles and holiday lights.  So join me as I take you on my visit.

I arrive around 7:00pm, and the Open House was already filled with shoppers, visitors and beautiful things which began at 6:00 when the doors open for this first night.  Debby, one of the vintage hags directs me to the only parking space they had left.  Wooo hooo!  I've got a space, my camera, a budget and see the darling "Santa Shops Here" sign that greets me at the front door. The dealers at Vintage Village all partake in this celebration.  Door greeters in pretty aprons hand you a shopping bag so you can put your items in and carry your treasure around with ease.  Others are carrying trays laden with home made goodies and hot spicy cider.

Lovely pink vintage box.

How lovely. Shiny bright mercury glass thermos inserts of all sizes, nestled in sand.  Wonderful display.

A country Christmas display accented with splashes of red and green.

This lovely gold leaf angel is about 30 inches tall.  Magnificent for a table centerpiece or your foyer entrance.
Be still my heart.  This is a child's Victorian chaise in rich red velvet fabric and lovely hardwood frame.  I couldn't resist and purchased it. Can't wait to put it in my Victorian booth.  Such a marvelous piece and wouldn't a photographer love to have this as a prop.

The candles give such a wonderful glow. Really sets the holiday mood.

This sweet Dachshund almost looks real on his holiday bed.

Love me some Mrs. Claus and Rudolph.

Glitter stags against a red backdrop says Christmas.
Pretty little chandelier is a beauty.  
Vintage aluminum trees are always a find at Vintage Village and they also had a few rotating colored lights as well.
Crazy about that huge wreath and my gal pal from My Vintage Heart was doing some serious decision making about it.

There was a Christmas Lake on the second floor complete with a boat.  Lovely lake house scene.  The booths here always have such whimsy about them.

The pretty pink glow from lights against silverplate is lovely.

Delightful chalkware candleholders of a choir.

How clever to create a Christmas tree out of a small, folding bed.

Another lovely wreath made entirely of vintage ornaments.

Pretty trees enhance this Christmas Holiday scene. 

I spent about 90 minutes looking at of the marvelous things and another 30 minutes in line waiting to be checked out.  The line is always fun because you get to see what everyone is buying and we all swap stories about the "deal" we couldn't walk away from.  The ladies of the shop ensured that we had plenty of hot cider and cookies while we waited.  I then loaded up my car with my Open House treasure and I hit the road to come home.  The Vintage Village Candlelight Open house is now a two-day evening event and stretches out for five blissful holiday shopping days during the day, so if you can make it tomorrow evening, please do.  They also continue the open house spirit with cookies and hot cider through the weekend.  Holiday blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Bettyann said...

Wow..looks like a fun and fabulous place to the child's lounge...such beautiful goodies...wish I lived in the area

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

How fabulous was that and the idea to turn the house lights off is perfect.
I adore that wonderful chandelier and I would do battle for one of those silver Christmas tree! I had one years ago that my aunt gave me and I could kick my own butt that I gave it away..:(
Love the little chaise you bought, it will look perfect in your shop!
Tina xo

Kathleen said...

I want to live where you live.
Hugs, Kathleen

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

WOW! Thanks for the tour -- lovely. And thanks for your nice comment on our post! xo

One Vintage Hag said...

We're delighted to save you that final parking spot for easy loading of your fabulous fresh vintage finds. Your pictures "de-light-ful" ~ we're so happy to share a bit of blissful magical holiday festivities with all our favorite customers ♥ ~ of course, you're atop that list!
Happy Christmas Cheer,
♥ The Vintage Hags

Anonymous said...

great blog! I just read your comment on mine and thank you so much. I am not done with her yet, I have big plans for her, keep visiting for more updates! I just followed you too.
Thanks again