Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas Walks

Hello blog friends.  Finally came up for air since my last post 11 days ago.  Like you, I have been slammed with getting ready for family events, end of quarter issues at work and then of course, my favorite thing of all...the local Christmas Walks and Holiday Open Houses that so many local shops have beginning this week. Queen of Hearts holds their huge Holiday Open House on November 18-21st with lots of celebration, decoration and marvelous food displays.  I have been working both booths getting ready for the open house and feel like I'm still behind.  So much to prepare and what I bring in sells before I can have a cohesive look.  That is one of those good problems to have.  So it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Queen.  Enjoy the photos.

Huge Wreath in booth that sells amazing florals.

Delightful rag snowballs.  These beauties never melt.

Pretty mica covered angel.

Love this large angel with pearls.

Warm western look for your favorite cowboy at Christmas.

Cowboy wreath made from lasso.
Sweet penguin table display.

Display at one of my favorite booths.  I had to have one of these snowman and purchased the one in the silver top hat at the lower right of this photo.

 From Sassy Trash's booth...these adorable, laugh out loud bottles are "Snowman in a bottle".  How cute are these.

Now a few photos of my two booths.  Let's start with the Victorian booth,

The tree is filled with vintage ornaments.

Sold my walnut, Eastlake parlor table so had to come up with replacement quickly.  Purchased this pretty, white two tiered table from a dealer friend and added a Victorian wicker 3-tiered tray.   My sister said it looked like a huge wedding cake.

Victorian, man's nightshirt and festive top hat. Love the Dickens look of Christmas.
Closeup of top hat tricked out for the Christmas holidays.
 Set this up last week and the black velvet jacket and the top hat sold.   Had to come up with another hat for the Holiday Open house and it now sports a huge Edwardian hat.

Wonderful Edwardian hat. Brushed cashmere with saucy ostrich feather.

Decorated mantle with union suits and long handles.

Mantle holds a sweet princess carriage, a small toy dog and a corn cob pipe.

Sweet pair of copper clad baby shoes.

 Closeup of antique child's union suite and adult male long handles.  I think these make the best stockings.

Magnificent mink stole.  Circa 1950s

Lovely pair of Victorian prints.

Lovely Mark Roberts wood fairy.

Adorable elf doll.

Pretty stone ware and salt glaze mugs and a pair of sweet, Lefton Mr. and Mrs. Claus banks.
 Christmas on every self.  Still so much more to do this week but it was a lot of fun even if it made the weekend short.  Hope you get to visit a Holiday Open house near you.  Blessings to you and all those you love.  Sea Witch


Crowing Moon said...

I wouldn't have been able to resist one of those snow men either :)
Everything looks great

sassytrash said...

Your union suits and night shirt with cool top hat look so Christmas Carol-y! Thanks for showing our booth---we have barely gotten started yet! (and I only have a few days left before I leave town--I'll miss the celebration at Queen unfortunately) SOMEDAY soon I hope we'll get to meet while there at the same time!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

The photos are gorgeous and I especially love your booths! The man's nightshirt and that fabulous old hat with the feathers would be what I would go for right off....
Christmas is so fun but also very, very tiring....remember to take time for yourself dear friend!
Tina xo

ann at greenoak said...

it all looks wonderful...hey i saw this and thought of you.....look down a ways and see wonderful mermaid ornaments

Robin Larkspur said...

Oh, how I wish I could come shop at your booth, and all the other booths. You have so much talent and creativity. So glad you took time to post pix. Good luck with the shops!

just call me jo said...

I too wish I lived nearby. Dang! Love your displays. You have a real eye for beautiful things. The angel with the pearls is to die for...(no pun intended)

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, my gosh - what lovely Christmas items. I really enjoyed that lasso Western Christmas wreath even though I'm not into western wear. It's so unique and I like it...your mink stole from the 50s is magnificent, but I'd be afraid to wear it in public (you know!).... I just love everything Christmas, no matter what theme or's all good!

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos to get us in the mood!

Kathleen said...

Everything is just divine. Your booths are just lovely. I wish I had the knack to decorate my booths the way you do...I just don't have that "talent". It was wonderful to window shop with you, thanks for taking me with you, I had a great time!
hugs, Kathleendealog

Beach House Living said...

Like the top hat decoration!

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Hey there, I"M am planning on coming to Buford this weekend. I will definitely check out the "Queen".
Hope to see you there!