Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Shop of Arts and Antiques

A lovely weekend visiting my friend who paints, Becky, and the second weekend of her gallery opening in the Little Shop of Arts and Antiques in Lilburn, GA.  The brain child of Barbara, artist, antique collector/seller, shop keeper, promoter, you name it, she runs this delightful little shop that is full of color, energy and has it all.  A cozy little place, it is filled to the brim with all treasures imaginable from original art by local artisans, hand crafted steam punk jewelry, antiques, and gift items.  Look above, look below, inside drawers and cabinets, there is treasure hidden everywhere.

Everywhere you turn there are tiny vignettes of style and design.

Clementine is dressed and moved from room to room at shop owner, Barbara's whim.  Today she was wearing an Edwardian waist shirt, sassy scarf and vintage hat.

Vintage time pieces...perfect for the time watch collector or your local white rabbit.

Robin's egg  blue eggs in silver have a rich, yet simplistic look to them.

Even a children's corner with antique desk, vintage rag dolls, and lots of  books for reading time.

Love this mannequin's look of vintage slips and pretty latigo and pressed leather, vintage purses.

A stack of original art is enticing.

Growing up as a Kosher-Catholic, I have a fondness for vintage Catholic items and you will find these throughout the shop. (I always marry up menorah's with creche's at Christmas)

Don't you just love this pretty pink washstand?  So many nifty things can be found here.  Will have to return often to say hello to new and old friends and to find a treasure or two.

Found some great items over the weekend.  I love 18th and 19th century pieces.  This pretty plum pudding stoneware piece dates from the 1840s.

Neat little Peter Rabbit book from the 1940s.
Pretty, little color plates inside too.

Nifty pair of vintage tap panties.  Original price tag still intact.

A second pair of vintage panties.  Original union label and tag still attached.  Circa 1960s.

A nice assortment of vintage lace hankerchiefs.  I convert these into christening caps.

I'm a sucker for old shoes.  This pretty pair of antique children's shoes have pearl buttons on the ankle strap.  Well worn, I wonder how many hours were spent jumping rope in these.  Circa 1900s.

Sorry about the blurred photograph.  I didn't realize that my flash was off and the room was dusky.  Still, this is a lovely print from a convent.  The Holy Mother with her Son, Jesus.  Original ornate frame, bubble glass and wood backing.  Circa late 1890s.

A pair of traveler's alarm clocks...all in perfect walking order and loud alarm still works.  Neat little oil can that has the original price tag from J. J. Newberry and a price of 15 cents. 

Pretty little antique marigold, carnival glass small bowl.  Great early piece with a marvelous lustre to it.

and finally, three antique, needle etched wine stems. I love needle etched glass and crystal.  Very popular in the late 1800s and through the 1920s-30s before machine etched glass took over in popularity and demand. There is something so exquisite about this fine etch work.  These are either Fosteria or Tiffen...pattern unknown.  Circa 1920s.

So it was a wonderful weekend visiting the Little Shop of Arts and Antiques in Lilburn, GA and then a weekend of some great finds for my booths.  I hope you all have a pleasant week.  Sea Witch


Pet Portraits By Becky said...

Great finds like always. Again it was wonderful seeing you at The Little Shop of Arts and Antiques. We have a winner from the raffle for the custom pet portrait. hope to see you soon. Hugs

Antique Shows said...

Was a great event at the Little Shop of Arts and Antiques. Barbara is awesome...LOVE her. Becky did an amazing job with her art and her display. Great weekend finds for you, too!