Monday, May 16, 2011

Like, Lilly, I'm tired.

Ah, Lilly, you are singing my song right now.

Miss Von Schtupp is a personal hero.  She is a working girl that is just plain tired.  I'm feeling very Von Schtuppish myself as I am burning the candles at both ends again.  My "real" job is busier than ever and I'm working long hours to ensure when I leave on PTO next week that everything is covered. 

Still have lots of other loose ends to take care of from my two booths, to finalizing a website and just things I need to do around the house.  So spent the weekend finding a little bit of treasure and then adding items to my booth. 
I brought in the pink Edwardian day dress.  It looks great on the antique dress form. 

I love poppies for their bright waxy red petals but most especially because they are the symbol of Memorial Day.  These lovely silk poppies look marvelous in the EAPG vase.

A shot of my Victorian booth filled with lots of pieces.

How fantastic is this cobalt blue Edwardian hat?  I love the rich blue color of the velvet and the ostrich feathers.  Circa 1890s-1900s.

More millinery feathers from the turn of the century.

Came across a neat Moroccan looking lamp for votive candles.  Perfect for your deck or patio.

Also this nice, small brass lantern which also uses candlelight as its source.

Let Freedom ring with these neat, dinner bells of the Liberty Bell from the 1950s.

Sis saw these bags on our way out of Goodwill. Paid $3.00 each for these Vera Bradley bags.  Put them in the booth on Sunday afternoon and by that evening they both sold.  Split the sale with sis so she is happy too.

Found a few more pretty transfer ware pieces. 

A girl can never have enough bloomers and these whites are perfect for wearing or used in decorating.  Great item from the 1890s.

Pretty white, Victorian petticoat. Lots of lace and white work embroidered on the outside and inside long ruffle.  Circa 1880-90s

Came across this nifty English to Chinese dictionary from 1952.  Really a fun item.

And a basket full of vintage linens.  These are all ready popular with my customers so I will have to get more ironed and starched to bring in.

So, I'm tired.  Tired of playing the game, ain't it a crying shame...God dammit, I'm exhausted.  Have a wonderful week all and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch.

Oh yea, it's my birthday tomorrow...the sea witch will be 57.  I love that number. 


Unknown said...

Have a happy birthday! And get some rest? What neat things for your booths!

Gina said...

Happy Birthday, Sea Witch! ;)

Love your booths!

Robin Larkspur said...

Happy Birthday, dear lady! I love your blog, and all the wonderful photos you provide of your booths and treasures. SOrry you are so definitely need a breather. I love the brass lantern and the liberty bells. Wish I could help you out with ironing those vintage linens! Enjoy your day and take a nap!!!

sassytrash said...

Happy Birthday sister mermaid!! I really hope you get some much needed R&R!!

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Happy Birthday, Dari! Have a great day! I love that pretty pink Edwardian dress. It's so nice to see one of the more colorful outfits from that era! Don't work TOO hard at your real job, and have a relaxing time off :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I just love your booth ~ I want that Morrocan lamp, the petticoat and the red transfer ware dishes.
Hope you get some rest on your special day~

Jacque said...

Hi Witch, you certainly do stay busy! Hope you get that much needed PTO next week.


Angel said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! I love antique-like things as well and I look forward to reading the rest of your blog!

Ana said...

Oh a very happy belated birthday to you my dear friend...Sounds like you are ready for a little vacation :-) Please try not to overwork yourself...You'll get sick. I know there is a ton to do but take some time for you to re-energize. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy birthday, Sea Witch! I am just a year older than you :)

I'm sorry I didn't reply to you e-mail! Sending a reply now.