Monday, August 8, 2011

Lux Lighting

Do you rewire lamps? I do for simple jobs, but I had two lovely lamps that needed a complete re-wire and the job also required multiple socket rewiring. I did a google search in my area and found the Lux Lighting folks.

Gave them a call on Monday of last week and spoke with the manager, Hershel.  Friendly and very accommodating, after we talked about the jobs I needed performed, he had provided me with a repair cost.  I shared that I was an antique dealer and he immediately provided me with a reduced cost.  Additionally, the jobs would be ready in two days.  WOW.  So my honey dropped off the two items for repair and I would pick them up that weekend.

Came by the Duluth location on Saturday to pick up the two lamps and I was overwhelmed by the size of this store.  18 thousand square feet of showroom space and lamps and lighting of every type you can imagine. Oh, and did I mention they have an extensive selection of wall mirrors, art and design elements for sale as well?  All beautiful, but really, it is about the lighting at Lux Lighting.

The ceiling is filled with lamps.

Chandeliers, pendants and hanging lamps of every type.

So many crystal chandeliers and the heavy Austrian crystals sparkle like the sun.  Rainbows shown everywhere.

Aisles and aisles of floor lamps.

Fell in love with this modern crystal chandelier.  It was huge and light just streamed from the crystal orbs.

Lux Lighting has two locations and is open 7 days a week.  Their rewiring prices are the best in the area and their customer service superb.  I am so pleased that I found them as I have been reluctant to invest in quality antique pieces as they often require a complete rewire for safety.  

 If you are in the metro Atlanta area, you must stop in for your lighting needs. If you have antique lighting that needs service you may contact them via phone 770-476-9571 or email.

Now, here are the two lamps that I had Lux Lighting service for me.  I am thrilled with how beautiful they look. 

Dale Tiffany hanging pendant lamp.

Double bulb antique hurricane lamp.  The switch is on the metal base.  Bopth lights are on so the pale green of the top shade has been diffused to a sunny yellow.

So pleased with the work Lux Lighting did for me. Now that I had these two beauties rewired and ready for the shop, I did a little junkin on my way back home.  The heaven's finally opened up and it poured for a good hour.  In between the rains and the miles back to the house, I found a few neat pieces.

Found this great mannequin head for displaying vintage hats.

A stack of vintage romance mags from the 1930s.  The covers are fantastic and the story lines a scream.

Yes, be still my heart. LOL 

Pretty set of flow blue saucers. Got them super cheap so I priced them low.

A set of four, pretty handpainted dessert plates.  Now that makes for a pretty tea party.

Love Love Love this pretty pink milkglass footed cake server by Fenton.  The pattern is Spanish Lace. Circa 1950s  Perfect for your best, homemade cakes.

How cool is this department store Santa visit give a way?  A toy that has you flip the wreath on to his mustache.  These Santa give a ways never lasted very long and this has never been used.  Very 1950-60s. 

I moved things around after I hung that lovely, Dale Tiffany pendant lamp.

I am crazy about this lamp, I may have to just keep it.    Lux Lighting did a superb job rewiring the three sockets.

Brought in this neat multi-colored farm, kitchen table.  Orange, black and cream with blue the last color applied to it.  Love the color.

Hank Aaron looks well among the shabby chic.

Not too many doll heads left. I wonder what people did with them?  The Queen of Hearts at Buford is looking great. We have had a lot of new dealers come in and they are getting ready to open an "Old Fashioned Bakery".  Can't wait for that to open.  Nothing like freshly baked cupcakes, breads, cookies with hot coffee, tea or cold milk as you stroll through the many booths at the Queen. Hope everyone has a lovely week.  Sea Witch


sonia said...

Oh, wow! I love everything in this post!!!

just call me jo said...

Electricity scares me! I wish Lux had a place in AZ. I love your pictures. Will you adopt me and let me wander through your life?

audrey said...

This is a GREAT post! I LOVE your dragonfly lamp. It is SO gorgeous ~ YES, I think you should keep it!!!
Your space looks wonderful! You have so many beautiful items and you have it merchandised so nicely. I would love to stroll through this place.
A bakery?? What a fun way to spend the day - a relaxing walk through the booths with a drink and pastry in hand. Sounds like my kind of day.
You sure find the greatest things when you go junkin'! I was in Durham, NC, for the weekend and found a few things in a couple of consignment shops I found. What fun!!!!!
♥ audrey

sassytrash said...

I couldn't jot the Lux phone number down fast enough!! Thank you so much for sharing that info--I spend lots of time hunting lamp parts---don't know how I missed that place. Love all your finds as always! Your booths look truly fabulous at Queen!

Jacque said...

Hi Witch,

WOW, if you don't find a lamp in that place, you won't ever find one! Your booth is looking great! You always have a wonderful selection of things.

Have a great week!

Ana said...

Wow, the lamps look great. I'm glad you were able to find someone to rewire them for you. Your booth looks great too. So many wonderful goodies. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,