Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finally, a coughless night!

After 15 days of non stop coughing (but no asthma, thank you bronchial gods) I had a coughless night.  It may be because this cold has finally worn itself out but I suspect it was the wee bit of Captain Morgan I dropped in my tea last evening...slept like an old pirate after a 3 day siege and pillage.  Yea, it's all good.  This cold kept me from a ladies gathering but I just couldn't bring myself to be coughing all over good food and friendships. 

So spent a little time pricing items to replenish my booths while I was visiting raviolis over Thanksgiving.  Always interesting the things that sell each year over the holidays.  I can't seem to keep lighting in my booths this year.  It is all moving out.  Now I'm on the hunt for more lighting to offer.

Came back from NY with a Victorian tux/tails from family that asked to sell it for them.  Nice condition and very wearable size. 
Great to wear to a New Year's party...or a Victorian wedding.

Selling quad and silverplate items faster than I can bring them in  That and vintage Christmas balls are the hot ticket items this season.  Brought in a few more pieces of the plate but nearly out of Christmas balls.

Found a terrific set of cast iron book ends with the theme, "The Angelus" from the classic painting of the field gleaners who stop to pray.  These books ends don't move as well as they do in the mid-west and this is a hard to find theme and books at $120.00.  I have it priced "very right" and hope someone will appreciate them.  I often use these for door stops as they are very heave duty and look prettier then a standard door stop shoved under your door.
Came across this lovely and heavy silverplated punch ladle.  Just in time for all of that holiday entertaining. 

Primitive Santa on sweet, seafoam sled surrounded by vintage looking trees. I love bottle brush trees of all types for holiday decorating.

Now that all of my raviolis are no longer sitting in a small high chair, I have brought in my 19th century piece for another to acquire.  Decorated it with a nifty pair of vintage mittens in bright Santa red fabric and soft leather mitts, an oh so soft angora knitted cap for a little one, a happy snowman trio and a marvelous wood clamp with original wooden turnings.  This is a hard to find small clamp that I know will blow out of this booth soon.

I just love this gator head with the Christmas ball in its jaws. LOL  What fun to find this nestled in your Christmas tree.

Coach anyone?  I have three authentic Coach bags that are in nearly new condition for sale.  Two in basic black that everyone should have in their handbag arsenal and one brown leather hobo.

Had to lock these babies up as they would take a walk if I displayed them openly.  

A basket full of wooden blocks poses so many decorating uses.  Blocks are priced individually for personally spelling of whatever floats your boat. 

  And finally, I had to bring in my last lighting piece. A pretty, Williamsburg style, heavy brass chandelier.  This is a nice medium size chandelier so if you have a smaller dining area, it will not overpower.

In between fluffing up my booths, my honey and I are in phase 2 of the "great flooding" in the house.  Carpet is all cut up in three rooms, tiles are popping in the master bathroom and now we are just waiting for the estimates to come in so we can begin selecting replacement carpeting/flooring. Between that installation and then the contractor finishing up the replacement molding we have our December plates full. I'm thinking of pushing this whole mess into January so it doesn't interfere with the holidays.  Yea, now that I said it out loud, I think that is just what we will do. Hope everyone is staying healthy and happy.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Jacque said...

Hi Witch!

Yep, you got your plate full!! And, what a time for all that to be going on!! You got your head on straight and I know you will press thru it but I think I'd deal with the flooding issues next month,as well.

I know what you mean about the coughing!! I've been to dr 2x and ER once with the crap, I think I have mine under wraps too!

It's a shame that you have to "lock up" stuff to keep it from "walking off"...some people have balls bigger than the one in that croc's mouth!!

I do hope you are feeling better and that business is better than ever for you!

Carpe diem!

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

It seems I might have the same cold/non-stop cough you had! Day 19 for me, and finally starting to fade. Lost a LOT of sleep!

I love all the Christmasy and holiday touches in your booths! I gravitate to seasonal items, so you're wise to keep things interesting that way.

Good luck with the flood mess. Good idea to wait till after things settle down. Enjoy the holidays, then deal with it all. :-)