Monday, January 9, 2012

Booth re-do.

 It's that time again where I'm feeling the need to do a total redo of my booths.  This would be more fun if it wasn't so difficult as we can only work our booths during business hours and we must keep the pathways clear and cannot move items temporarily into other otherwards do not impede the flow of customer traffic.  So what we are left is taking stuff out, putting it in our vehicles and then moving things, going back to our vehicles and then restocking again.  Sigh. 

Thankfully, I have mastered the art of moving things in tight spaces without undressing everything.  Of course, it is like watching a buffalo move china in a tight space, but hey, a sea witch has gotta do.  I've been wanting to return my large hutch to the original spot for two reasons:  First, it was the first piece your eye caught as your walked down the aisle of booths and it moved my transferware pieces like crazy.  Second, it covered the ugly red grid that my booth neighbor uses to display her items. (LOL)

So that meant moving my lighted display case to inside the booth.  Wasn't really keen on that idea, but while I was working, customers had to walk "into" my booth to get to the case and the light drew them in like bees to honey. This may work out after all.

Brought in lots of new "old" transferware.  Got lucky at my local Goodwill of all places and was able to restock for pennies.  Kept two pieces for myself, I have a thing for large, soft paste platters.   

Moved the vintage kitchen table and this opened up the center of the booth and made items more accessible to the buyer.

Brought in a child's quilt that was made with Captain Kangaroo fabric from the 1950s.  It's a happy vintage textile.

Other neat items that I found was this pair of cast iron mermaid doorstops.  Not old, but nifty just the same and perfect for a sea witch booth.

This jumbo size metal leaf in a verdigris finish is perfect for displaying burning candles or better yet, put it on your coffee table and fill with your electronic remotes.  Those are dinner plates sitting in the middle of that leaf so you can see just how large this leaf is.

My pretty little rocker with the hooked rug seat is too sweet.

 Delightful little ruby red glass apple with silverplated top is a vintage sugar bowl from England.

Adorable little vintage pressed glass syrup pitcher of a log cabin. 

A marvelous find.  Fenton "lavender satin" bird of happiness.  Rare lavender changes color with lighting like the alexandrite stone.  From rich lavender to a ghostly opal blue or white, this is a neat find for the Fenton collector.

Nothing says elegance like Lladro porcelain.  Found this magnificent piece at a local haunt for pennies all because she has a few broken fingers on her back hand.  This retired piece still has value with the damage and can be restored returning it to its greater value.

Sweet set of eight saucers from Royal Doulton.  Pretty roses pattern.

I adore hand colored prints and this "Gay 90's" lady looks lovely in her sassy hat and hand muff.  Pretty original oak frame with metal scrolling and bubbled glass.

Came across a bag full of bisque hearts and thought they would make pretty bowl fillers.  They can be hung as well and would look pretty in a window.

Sis found this great piece while visiting friends in Tallapoosa, GA a few weeks ago.  Gotta love smart phones, she sends me a pic and we close the deal over the phone. 

I delight in the fussiness of Victorian protocol.  If you "came to call" and I was indisposed or not at home to greet you, then you would leave your "calling card" on a tray specifically created for this social grace.  This pretty Victorian calling card tray is faboosh with mythical figures cast on a heavy bronze.  If you must leave your calling card, then do so on a pretty footed tray.

Not old, but so pretty with the dragonfly motif.  This little votive tiffany lamp is perfect for bringing Victoriana to your patio or desk.

Finds this week were very eclectic from old and new but each had a uniqueness to them. Should be a terrific week as it is a full moon today and a Friday the 13th as well.  Love this kind of joojoo. Wishing you all a lovely week and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Ana said...

Your booth looks great. And I can spy a ton of wonderful treasures. Great finds. Wishing you much luck with your new set up and wishing you an awesome new week.

Hugs and Kisses,

just call me jo said...

Lots of work--everything looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Think of it as not having to go to the gym. You got your workout just moving bigger pieces and all your steps in walking back or forth from the parking lot.
Thank you for the wonderful visual tour. You've done a beautiful job and there is so much there I want to see up closer.

Richard Cottrell said...

Looks like anyone should be able to find something in this booth. I'd sure like to shop it. Richard from My Old Historic House.

audrey said...

WOW! You have some GREAT things in your booth!! And, I envy the wonderful things you find all the time. Actually, I am happy for you ~ the pickins' are slim around here.
Going in to my space to redo tonight. Erasing all signs of Holiday, rearranging, and adding some new. Lot of work, like you said, but necessary, and I rather enjoy changing the look.
I hope all your treasures sell. Your booth looks fabulous!!
♥ audrey

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Man, you really find the best stuff to put in your booth!
Love the calling card receiver and little Tiffany lamp. I find it strange that you can only move things in and out of your booths during business hours. That would make life difficult!


Bunty said...

You have some lovely items and your booth looks fab!