Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Treasure Hunting

We are slipping slowly into fall, here, in the south.  Warm days and cool nights are perfect for throwing your windows open wide and letting the autumn cross breezes blow through your screen doors and windows. The sound of rustling leaves is hypnotic and the sky is a brilliant blue.  These are the days I love to meander looking for treasure and it won't be long before the apples are ready for picking at our North Georgia orchards.  My honey is already planning our first road trip for apples and antiques and I can't wait.

So enough day dreaming of fall pleasures and let me share what I found this weekend.

I know, I fact "you know" I am crazy about quadruple plate.  This pretty and very big sugar bowl looks more like a small trophy.  Nearly all of the silverplating is long gone and the base metal is now exposed, but I love the gun metal finish and it is perfect for use in holiday decorating.

Pretty pair of Depression era salt and peps.  Most of the silver is still on the bases and the tops are still intact if not a little worn for wear. Pieces are dated 1929 and are heavy.

Found this cool frame at my local goodwill so I added more of those Victorian changing stickers.  You go from pretty Victorian photographs to ghostly images.

Also found these pretty little gold leaf frame mirrors that I added crow stickers too. Brought them in on Sunday and they sold the same afternoon.

I love Victorian rose bowls and this pretty contemporary version is a small cut crystal rose bowl.  Perfect for a single full blossom of your favorite flower.

She's a beauty.  Lovely Edwardian white christening gown constructed from a family petticoat. Crisp, white cotton batiste is heavily hand embroidered and french stitched seams.  The sleeves are also shaped in the classic Gibson girl mutton sleeves.  Circa 1900s

Closeup of hand embroidery and cutwork.

One of my two prize finds this weekend.  This pretty Weller Pottery piece.  Circa 1932 and from their Elberta series.   Brilliant yellow and green in the coveted matt glaze.  I love it when I can find these kinds of pieces in the south.

My personal favorite,  magnificent Arts and Crafts Roseville pot from their Matt Green line. Very early Roseville piece is from 1907-1910 and these pieces are highly sought after. This piece books at $375-$425.00The treasure hunting gods smiled kindly on me this weekend

Found a service for five, yea, I said five, go figure...of gold plated flatware.  Also had a serving fork and spoon as well.  Barely used and brilliant with its finish.

Pretty woven pine needle basket with unique star pattern in weave.  
A southern piece.

How cute is this little 1930s embroidered quilt piece?  Perfect for a child's room.

Found a pair of authentic Venetian masks from Italy at another Goodwill I visit.  This is a full face mask and is in brilliant blues and gold brocades.  Can be worn or hung on the wall.

The second of the two Venetian masks that I found. This one is a face mask that ties and is in gold and green with sheets of music on it.

A photo of my expanding fall/Halloween display.  Like Christmas and Valentine's Day, Halloween and fall items always fly out of the booth.

Isn't she just beautiful. Found her at a thrift store and had to take her  home.  Dated 1911, this is a lovely, sepia toned photograph in original frame.

Sold another lamp so I brought in this twin pendant chandelier.  Love the spun matt pewter and scroll work of the piece.

Sitting on a Goodwill shelf was this pretty little Victorian, stoneware toothbrush holder from a water bowl set.  Perfect condition with lovely blue-green transfer ware all around it and inside the lips.  These are usually among the first accessory pieces of a water bowl set to go as they were dropped often by wet hands.  Circa 1870s

And finally, a really cool vintage Heinz ketchup bottle with the original labels from 1904.  Notice that there is no cap.  This bottle requires a cork/cap setup.  Bottle is full of stretch bubbles as well.

So, what I lacked in quantity I made up for with quality.  It was a good weekend of junkin and putting together Halloween pieces. Have lots more to make as these holidays will be upon us soon enough.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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Mitzi said...

Looks like you had a pretty good treasure hunt! I love that embroidered piece with the bunny! The christening gown is lovely too. Last but not least, the pretty woman framed picture is great. I used to have a collection of pretty ladies in my bedroom hung on the wall. I need to get them out and hang them back up!