Monday, November 19, 2012

An Antiquing Friend

 It has been a marvelous 4 days with me hitting three Holiday Open Houses that I adore.  On Wednesday, I attended the Vintage Village Candlelight Open House, on Thursday, I was a the Buford Queen of Hearts Open House and then on Saturday, I visited Monroe, GA and three huge antique malls.  I have lots of photos to share, but today's post will contain photos for only one booth.  Why only one, you ask.  Well, when visiting Davis Street Antiques in Monroe, I ran into an antiquing friend I had not seen in nearly 10 years.  I happened upon a booth called "Romantic Farmhouse" and as I walked through it I knew I was in a place most familiar.  I returned once more before I left Davis Street Antiques and there I find a woman "fluffing" the booth, my friend, Cheryl Alexander. 

Cheryl is one of those talents who has an incredible visual eye for decorating.  When you experience her booth you know you have walked into a special place.  I want you to know her Romantic Farmhouse booth through the photos that I took. It was wondrous in it's elegant simplicity with all shades white.

 Tiny white lights, mica churches and houses, candlesticks of many styles draw you into her booth.

 Pretty drieds hang from rafters, old windows repurposed into looking glasses and bottle brush trees abound creating tiny woodland spaces.

 Soft white and glitter touched garland hangs from a shabby mantle. Entwined are pretty lace pieces, repurposed vintage items and garland.

Vintage mannequin angels wear feathered white wings, jewelry creations and vintage lace.  They say the devil is in the details and Cheryl has stenciled the word "Paris" on this heavenly body.  

When you look above she has transformed her empty ceiling space into a marvelous place.  Old, rusted bedframes become an open display for hanging dried roses from old lovers and friends. Dripping with vintage lace as well, this is one of my favorites areas of her booth.

Nestled above the dried roses is a pair of toe shoes.  I have a thing for worn ballet toe shoes.  Never been a ballerina, but my middle sister was a gifted dancer.   So much heart and physical passion goes into this art form, perhaps that is why I like them so.

Those delightful bed frame pieces display delicate mercury glass ornaments...I am now on the hunt for rusted bed frames as I so love this decorating element.

How lovely is this vintage candelabra with dripping crystals and delicate tapers.  I would be burning candlelight each night if I had this in my home.

Be still my heart...I have such a passion for vintage velvets and lace...I must go back and purchase this vintage wedding gown.

Antiqued and several shades of white, this stocking is scrumptious. What a marvelous place for tiny gifts to hide.

Another lovely married piece created by Cheryl. You can see why I am always thrilled to discover the creative pieces that she envisions.  Thinking I must have this piece too.

Cheryl's booth is such a reflection of her heart and soul and gentle character.  She bursts with a quiet creativity that translates true emotion to the pieces in her booth.  As I took this final shot, I realized that Cheryl may have had the last laugh on me with this delightful angel she has on her entry post.  A true self portrait if ever I saw one.  Sweet face with sparkling blue eyes and that wild blond hair styled closely and just off the side of her head that begs the question, "Guess what I have been up to?"  Arms clasped in front of her with a silver star, an angelic gift?  Oh, yes, most definitely, because Cheryl's pieces are truly a gift from her heart.  So good to see you my friend and now that I know where your hanging your stars out these days, I will be making frequent trips and hopefully, will cross your path more often.  Ten years is way to long to chat.


Tanya said...

Beautiful way to start off my Monday - this is STUNNING! Can't decide which is my favorite here...LOVE the mercury glass ornaments on the bedsprings, and the angel wings have given me inspiration for the holidays for my own antique mannequin. Happy Monday - Tanya

Mitzi said...

I love views of dealer displays! These pictures remind me that I need to utilize the space above my head a little more.....

Alexscache said...

Dear Dari-I didn't know you were such a talented photographer. You made my booth look heavenly. Thanks so much for all your kind words-I don't deserve them! Seeing you made me want to go back 10 years when we were dealers in the same shop--hope your holidays are wonderful. Love, Cheryl

My Vintage Heart said...

Lovely post, Dari! Cheryl is as gifted a dealer, decorator, and visionary as I have ever seen in this business! I'm also so glad to call her friend as well. Beautiful!

Barbara Barth said...

I love Cheryl's booth. She is talented and has an eye for beauty. I am glad she is my friend. Many of her treasures grace my house! Beautiful photos, Dari.

Anonymous said...

loved seeing your booth! You have been busy! love ya, Linda OX

Linda said...

Love the booth Dari! How lucky you were to catch up with an old friend and go to the antique mart! She is very creative!! Again I envy you for living in the area of all of these wonderful shops!
Happy Thanksgiving!

sassytrash said...

Beautiful photos! Cheryl is so talented!! Your booths are looking spectaculorly festive!!