Monday, November 12, 2012

Proud owner of a new...

car payment. Yuk!  My beloved 1998 Honda CRV with 178,540 miles finally gave up the ghost.  Was driving to Queen of Hearts on Sunday to add more Christmas to my booths when I lost 4th and 3rd gears just before I got onto the highway.  Thankfully, I was able to coast into the parking lot a mile away and get everything that was in the vehicle into the booths.  Now if I could only coast into the nearest Honda dealer to see if my transmission was worth saving.  When I started it up I found I only had reverse and 1st gear which would only go about 15 miles an hour. Sigh.  Thought about driving it in reverse to the dealership but I knew I would have been stopped by police and really didn't want to have to explain to anyone why a blonde was driving her car in reverse to get it to the Honda dealership because her tranny died. LOL  
So long story short, I had to replace it.  I got another Honda as these babies are always problem free and they last so long.  But with a new vehicle comes a car payment and I detest them so.  Well enough about car woes, made a few finds over the weekend and brought them into the Queen of Hearts.  We have our Open House beginning on Thursday this week and it goes through Sunday.

Found this marvelous Victorian wicker plant stand several weeks ago and filled it with decorative boughs and poinsettias along with tiny white lights.  It would be a lovely piece for a front entrance or foyer.

Santa's list looks delightful next to this Victorian silverplated ink well and pen set.

Very handsome Santa in rich velvets and faux furs.

 Pretty Art Nouveau crumb scraper and pan.  Such an elegant little tool that is no longer used at the family table.

 Brought in three of the dolls that I purchased two weeks ago. Nice handpainted china babydoll, a 1930s composition Shirley Temple doll...get a load of those lovely curls, and then another composition and soft body doll with braids. 

 Nifty antique print of girl walking in snow with a basket of kittens and a pair of vintage gold leafed stags.  Is that Santa's corn cob pipe?  Could be.

 Always love finding a vintage top hat to decorate for the holidays.  This topper was badly beat up but a few stitches to keep it held together, a fancy holiday ribbon and picks with a few faux snowflakes and you have a decorative element right out of a Dicken's novel.

Believe it or not, I found this marvelous graduated bead necklace of cherry Bakelite at my local Goodwill.  Sterling clasp and hand knotted beads.

 A terrific find, nice art glass vase by Brian Maytum.  Signed and dated, this tall beauty as marvelous iridescent oil spots throughout.

Not old, but a neat table lamp, spun steel with lights around the wing and the fuselage.

 Mica dusted cherub will support a votive candle. 

 Whimsical Santa piloting a blimp.  Battery operated, the rear propeller spins.  Item sold two hours after I displayed it.

 Another Goodwill find, this pair of metal sleights are perfect for holding favorite vintage Christmas balls, picks or poinsettias.

 Brought in a few more holiday sprays and votive stands and a pair of gold plated pine cones from Dept 56.

 Can't forget the Thanksgiving holiday table.

 And finally, this beautiful salt glazed St. Nicholas in brilliant cobalt blues.   If this piece doesn't sell, I won't mind, I like it too much and will keep it if it does not go.

So much more to bring in with Open Houses all this week.  Will be visiting one of my favorites on Wednesday, Vintage Village Candlelight Open House in Snellville.  Will take lots of photos to share with you.  If you are in the area, you must stop at Vintage Village for their Candlelight Open House.  One of the best.
Have a marvelous week all and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Tanya said...

OK, car payment aside, how fun is a new car?!!! And, your displays ROCK - I'm fairly drooling over the bakelite beads. Hope your week is FABULOUS! Tanya

Mitzi said...

I love your holiday decor! I think the wicker planter full of Christmas greenery looks great, and I would have never thought of an old top hat in a display for the holidays, but it looks wonderful! Love the Shirley Temple doll, too!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Ugh. Sorry about the new car payment. New cars are wonderful, but not so the cost.

You've found some wonderful things. I think my favorite is the picture of the girl and kitties. I like the Bakelite necklace, too and finding it at Goodwill???! Amazing!