Monday, February 4, 2013

Hot and Cold and Hot and Cold

I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Atlanta, we had a day of 70 degrees and then the next brought snow flurries and freezing temps.  Oh, wait another day and it's back in the high 50s with blue skies...don't turn around, the temps just dropped to the 30s again and the wind chill leaves you with frost on everything.  Forget about planning on how to dress because the weather changes as fast as your clothing choices.  The only thing that take the chill of for me is a little treasure hunting.  So grabbed sis and headed out to a few favorite haunts for treasure.

Sweet little Dragonware lithophane teacup and saucer.  Don't usually come across these often in this area so I was delighted to find one.

Lift the teacup to the light and you will find the pretty face of a Geisha looking back at you.  This is a 1950s teacup that was a popular souvenir to bring back from Japan.

 A am fond of treenware for its simple beauty and utilitarian functions.  This was a marvelous find as it is a good size butter mold with hand carved ivy and a pretty beaded edge.  The handle makes it easy to "whack" the cold molded butter out of the mold.  Circa 1880s

 Purchased this adorable Vintage print from a friend of mine.  She always has the prettiest things in her booths at Vintage Village.  Found this pretty frame to put it in.

 A Goodwill find. Yup, couldn't believe it when I saw it hanging there.  Like new, barely worn Persian curly lamb coat with silver mink collar.  Very 1950s. 

Another great find at my local Goodwill.  Somebody must have cleaned out their grandmother's curio cabinet because this set of six, 8oz. juice size glasses and a matching sent of smaller juice glasses is in excellent condition.  Only one glass has a minor flea bite on it.  Pretty etching of grapes are on all glasses.

 Amazing what you can find at your local Goodwill's.

 Love this bouquet of velvet roses.  Perfect for Valentines Day or for any day.

 Love this ruby, cut crystal decanter.  It is missing its stopper and I couldn't find one that fit it from my box of spare stoppers.  LOL  I really do have a box of spare stoppers.  You never know when you will need one.   I put a white candle in it instead and it make a pretty candlestick.

 Pretty frosted glass chandelier has handpainted grapes.  Vintage S. Swain piece.

 Neat, vintage wicker chair had layers of paint in different colors.  I gave it an aqua blue coat and really like the way it looks.  Circa 1930s.

Had a great day with sis and even though we started out with a cold morning, by noon, we had shed our jackets and gloves and were dealing with warmers temps.  Took a detour through our local Chick Fil A for a few of their chocolate chip chunk cookies.  O M G.  I you have not had these yet, you must try them.  Like homemade, thick and chewie and oh so good.  My honey and I love to end the evening meal with a hot cup of Keruig coffee and a cookie.  Yea, our lives are simple but we enjoy the heck out it.  
Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Greenpatches said...

Such a pretty cup and saucer!

I reckon that's a pretty common weather pattern; we're experiencing similar here. We're just putting away our snow boots etc and thinking Spring is just round the corner when more snow is forecast!

Tanya said...

AIIIIIIIIIIIIII - you're killin' me! Another batch of beautiful finds. AND, your Goodwill must be SO different from ours here in Vegas. They have figured out that antiques were coming in, and hired someone to weed them out and then price like they should be in a museum.

Stay warm - I think it's gonna' be an early summer - at least here, anyway. Happy Tuesday - Tanya

Robin Larkspur said...

The weather here in Syracuse NY has been crazy as well. Warm then Ice and snow! Lots of snow. And now it is frigid and snowy again.
Love your finds. There is no goodwill in our area. We do have a Salvation Army thrift store, where there is occasionally something good, but usually not.
But you never know, so off I go.
Oh, and there is no Chick-Fil-A up here either.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Our weather here in Colorado has been nice--above average tenmperatures this winter. It has been dry so the rain we had last night was welcomed.

Thank you so much for your best wishes on the birth if my granddaughter! We are so pleased and excited!

PS: I "liked" your business facebook page -- good luck!

Mitzi said...

Oh, my! I just love the lithopane cup and saucer....and you managed to get a really nice photo of the Geisha! The juice glasses were a great score, along with the treenware and velvet roses...oh, everything in your post is wonderful!

Mitzi said...

Not sure if you got my previous comment....I love all of your wonderful finds, especially the lithopane. You did a great job photographing the Geisha, too!

Chubby Chieque said...

Hope you have/had a great Friday.

Yeah! it sounded like in Melbourne, though I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Crazy. Here, it's snowing with -2 deg below ZERO.

BTW, I found your blog at Vicki's GYB and glad for my blog stroll tonight.

ENjoy the rest of the day.

/CC girl

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

I love your finds, especially the slip, so sweet. Di