Monday, February 25, 2013

Sea Witch Tail-Tale

Hello dear bloggers.  This is a tale of a Sea Witch tail, who after dealing with severe arthritis in my left knee for almost 5 years now, is finally going to have knee replacement surgery.  It has taken its toll on my quality of life these last 6 months so I am excited to have this done.  I am blessed with a fantastic surgeon who, on this Friday, will take his skill and replace my diseased knee with a replacement.  There will be a lot of physical therapy involved so I will be taking a short break from the blog as I work the PT and get my new tail in swimming and walking order.    So this will be my last post for about 6 weeks.  

In prep for not "antiquing/junkin" over the next 6 weeks, I hit a few of my favorite haunts and came back with some nifty treasure.   

Two favorite finds and I may keep both are antique, french books from the 1800s.  The one to the right is beautifully bound with handwritten script on the inside cover.  It is the story of St. Francis and holds beautiful engraved prints.

It is marked first edition and dated 1847.

Just love this antique wrought iron trestle with arrow at the top.  Several shades of shabby green paint make this a winner all around.

Sweet spring hat in the softest shade of pink with pretty flower.  Circa 1960s

How about Peter Rabbit in his great little coat.  Nice concrete statue.

Everyone needs a little Romeo in their life and this vintage, bisque china doll kit from Yield House is way to fun.

Vintage Chintz plate and planter.  Circa 1940s Japan.

I really like the graceful lines of this pretty hand figurine.  Soft matt glaze. 
Circa 1950s

Check out the sweet face on this carnival chalkware prize from the 1940s-50s.   Collie dog with glitter around face.  Measures about 8 inches high and in really great condition.

Exquisite bone china serving bowl with pretty pink ribbons running through it.  The ribbons are such a lovely touch. 

The brass Victorian page holder is a reproduction but these are such cool items that I grab them when I can find them.

A pair of antique Seltzer bottles and a post Prohibition "Golden Wedding" Rye bottle that is a pale marigold carnival glass color.

Marigold carnival keeps popping up around me.  Crazy about the carnival Ginger Ale bottle from the 1930s and this lovely pair of Ivy and grapes carnival glass in a rich, orange marigold luster.

Pretty shaving mug with teal bottom and transferware posies. 

Huge, white Johnson Bros. stoneware water pitcher from a bath set.  Really lovely, but does have a large chip and crack on the other side.  Still, these are perfect for holding your favorite flowers.

"Our Little Lady” Chromolithograph print.  1888.  Cosack & Co. Buffalo, N.Y.  A past owner reframed with a contemporary matt and antique frame.  She is a sweet little print with colors that are brilliant and true.

I actually found a pair of these beautiful hand colored etchings.  This framed piece is of Dreimarksteingasse, the summer cottage of Johann Strauss. Strauss and his family lived here during the summers of 1829 through 1836 and it is here, Johann supposedly completed his first waltz when he was six. Signed in pencil by the artist.    Circa late 1800s-early 1900s.  I am still doing a little research on the other etching.  It is by the same artist but I'm having difficulty reading the description as it is in a foreign language.
I've packed my main booth with lots of stuff as I won't be getting back to it for about 4 weeks.  Lots of shabby whites, sea witch aquas and touches of soft, spring colors.  I hope my two booths aren't too much of a wreck when I get back to them post surgery and physical therapy.  It's gonna be hard to keep me away from the booths during the healing time.  LOL.  

Blessings to you and those you love.  See you in about 6 weeks.  Sea Witch


shirley said...

Good luck with your surgery I am sure you will have a positive outcome. best wishes

Tanya said...

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery...and lots of chocolate! You're going to feel so much better in no time. The booth looks like it's got enough to keep it going for months...can't choose a favorite this time, but I definitely think you need to keep the books for yourself - I think you deserve them! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

audrey said...

Sending wishes for a successful surgery with a quick recovery. It will be so nice for you to NOT have that painful knee.
Your booth looks wonderful with many nice things for shoppers to choose from. You found some great treasures on your last outing. You always do.
See you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Update on Dari: Knee surgery went very well ... smooth, no nausea from the anesthesia. She's in her room and sounds great. Slightly groggy, of course. I asked her if she wanted to go to Six Flags, but she didn't bite. Other than that, she's doing great and looks forward to once again being able to go, go, go at her usual 90 mph pace. ♥

Robin Larkspur said...

Getting to your post late about your surgery, Dari. I am sorry not to have gotten to give you good wishes and hugs before the surgery. I see the update posted this afternoon (march first). Good luck with the recovery, and here is a bunch of good wishes coming your way for good healing! Hugs.