Sunday, April 7, 2013

A lovely weekend

Spring has finally arrived in the south and we had two beautiful spring days of 68-70 degree weather.  It was wonderful to sit outside and hear the sounds of the children playing ball, riding bikes, scooters and roller blading.  Dogs were barking with a grin on their faces and making every attempt to chase down the squirrels that laughed at them from above the pine tree tops.  The pollen has already begun to yellow the cars and patio furniture but I don't care.  It was just so nice to have the sunny spring weather finally here.  I made a few trips to a few favorite places for treasure hunting, but found very little.  I suspect everyone was out and about enjoying the weather; in fact, it was Lowes and Home Depot garden centers that were packed with customers.

Sweet little wooden carrier in that great seafoam green color.

 Three very tiny lab glassware beakers.

 I added a vintage photo and a vintage postcard to these pretty frames.

 A set of 8 Indiana Glass Company, pattern: Colony Harvest, milk glass dinner plates.  Circa 1950s.

 Antique Wm Rogers silver plated teaspoons.  Four engraved with the initial "O", pattern:  New Century dated 1898 and a pair of teaspoons engraved with the name "Emma", pattern: Oxford dated 1901.

 Hung the Edwardian slip and it looks spectacular against the other antique clothing.  The length of this piece and the workmanship is truly lovely.

 Displayed antique white pitchers with quadruple plate pieces. 

 I am very fond of this sweet little picture of a child and the family dog.  Notice the tiny kitten peeking out from behind the door. 

Darling little split bamboo sewing basket from 1950s Japan. My mother had a larger version of this basket that she had filled with buttons. It was one of my favorite things to play with as a child and I would spend hours looking and separating the buttons. Circa 1950s

 Pair of Victorian mourning bracelets. French jet (faceted glass) beads on memory wire. Pairs of bracelets were often worn by the Victorians and this pretty set is still wearable today. Circa 1880-90s. Price: $32.00 for the pair.

 Marvelous CDV of a beautiful African American woman. Dressed in a bustle dress with high collar and fitted sleeves,you can see the tight corset she wears. She is holding a pair of gloves in one hand and a small wallet in the other. I don't come across CDVs of African Americans often and this cabinet card is a beauty. Circa 1880-90s.

 And finally, a lovely pair of late Victorian "ear-bobs." Don't you love that period description for earrings? Occasionally, I will hear that term, as it is a southern description, and I thought it fit this pair well. Sterling silver shell design with set in marcasites and natural pearls with gold wire in the leverbacks. Circa 1900s.
Hope everyone has a marvelous week.  Sea Witch


Tanya said...

You amaze me - you with a bum knee, and look at how well you are getting around, with the antiques and all! I don't even have half the energy, and my knees are still good! :-) Haven't had a chance to drop you a line yet, but the plate arrived this weekend, and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for the GREAT packing job - you really didn't need to send it as fast as you did, but I'm so happy to have it in my hands! FABULOUS!!!!! - THANKS AGAIN - Happy Monday - XOXOXOX

Sea Witch said...

Hello Tanya: Call me blonde, but I just realized you were the Tanya who purchased the plate. So glad it was you. Bum knee, whatever. Amazing, really, the way the body heals. I am so glad that I had this surgery, it has already made my life better. The PT and the swelling may be my life right now but it is so worth this. My biggest obstacle is not overdoing it...I'm just an "A" type at heart. Still, I can't resist treasure hunting and if peg like pirates can do it, why not me. LOL As always, I so appreciate your visits to my facebook page and blog. Blessings to you an those you love. SEa Witch