Sunday, April 21, 2013


Had a good past week at the Queen of Hearts which included the sale of my Civil War era oak fireplace mantle.  It was a beauty with pretty oak swirls and flourishes and a wide mantle for displaying pretty things.   So glad it went to a good home who appreciates this type of workmanship in period pieces, but I am also sad to see it gone.  It made my Victorian booth and now I am off on a treasure hunt to find something that will replace it. As you can see, my Victorian booth looks so different without it. 

I had to move a lot of things around but that makes inventory look fresh again.

As my knee heals, I am getting round a little bit more. Still can't do a full day of treasure hunting yet.  My knee swells up like a balloon after a few hours of walking and I have to stop, elevate my knee and wrap it in ice.  Still, I try and hit at least one of my favorite haunts each Saturday until I am full recovered.

Huge picture of R. C. Dental College faculty photos in great faux painted tigers oak frame.  Original bubbled glass only enhances these individual pictures of men in foppish haircuts.

 Pretty Victorian serving bowl in vibrant colors and hand painted flowers.  These lovely Victorian pieces are so popular this year that I can't keep them in my booth.  So glad that I found this beauty.

 How about a huge, serving plate perfect for pretty cakes or fussy tea sandwiches.  Plate has the softest pastel color roses on it.

 Terrific vintage straw had with pretty cherries and black gro-grain ribbon around the brim.  Very 1950s but I think of Anne of Green Gable every time I see it.

 Always crazy about white stoneware with pretty blue transferware flowers. Set of four plates by the Alfred Meakin Company. The “Blossom” pattern was made from 1875 to 1894.

 How about a rare square shaped serving bowl to match the plates.  It has a few chips along the edge, but the more I see this piece the more I think I should go back to my booth and take it home.

 There is something wonderful about gravy boats, especially antique transferware pieces.  I love setting a table with several in different colors and shapes filled with my best gravy for my guests.

 Found another lovely silverplated tray that looks as if was barely used.  Shows off the antique quadruple plate teapot, creamer and sugar bowl nicely.

Pair of old seltzer bottles are huge and heavy. All of these items were originally displayed on the mantle that sold.  

When men gave women an orchid corsage for a dance, women often pressed them in books to keep the memories of such special evenings.  The owner of this orchid framed it on silk and put it in a tea tray.  How lovely and utterly romantic.  Circa 1950s. Dug these up out of a box I had in the garage.  Forgot all about them and was delighted to find them. 

 Orchids pressed against the palest yellow and blue silk.  

Had a marvelous surprise this weekend to go with my found treasure. My oldest son was giving training at Fort Benning, GA and he was able to break away for a few hours so he came up to visit. It was wonderful seeing him and talking about his upcoming transfer to Anchorage, Alaska.   What a marvelous adventure they will all have and my honey and I will have to begin a "Visit the raviolis in Alaska fund" now.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


sonia said...

Love that bowl!!! Also, the corsages are lovely, esp. the first one. How fun!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey
I sure have missed you and your wonderful site.
My blogging days are few and far between.
Your booth is full of beautiful pieces and I enjoyed seeing these pieces you shared with us.
Hope all is well with you and I must catch up while I am lucky enough to be here visiting.

Tanya said...

Heavy sigh - it's all lovely! Tell your son thanks for his service to our country...I hope it includes lots of trips to AK for you! :-)