Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mrs. Beasley

Another rainy weekend in the south.  Man, the weather is nutty across the country this season.  Our temp was a cool 52 degrees and yet, it was in the 70s in Denver where my youngest son and his family live and also in the 70s in upstate New York where my oldest son and his family lives.  Go figure.  Still, the cold, damp, rainy Seattle type weather was not gonna keep the SeaWitch at home no matter how hard her healing knee throbbed.  Hit my favorite haunt for treasure and although I did not come back with a lot of items, I did find a few neat pieces.  

 Love this sweet little vintage child's wooden rocker in that great seafoam green paint.  Adorable little decorative element and a neat photographers prop.

 You know how much I adore Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) and had to snag this great footed pitcher of cranes or herons in marshes.  These footed pitchers are often beat to snot because they were used daily on the family table.  This one has a large flake and a small chip on the's from the 1880's, I can accept that.

A lovely footed bon bon dish of chocolate slag glass and is also known as Greentown Glass.  This is an early 1900s piece and carries a value of about $85.00.  The good news is that I paid $1.00 for it...the bad news is that it must have been dropped as it broken in two places and reglued.  The break was a clean one and is very, very difficult to see.  Still, it is no where near the $85.00 value, but I like it and it was priced right.

 My sister always used to laugh when I would come to a counter with an armload of shells.  She knows I have enough to build my own beach and still, I must get them.  These are lovely shells from the Pacific that have been heavily plated in sterling silver.  So elegant and unique decorative pieces.

And now, for the really great find.  Again, sis was on my mind...I miss her now that she is in Florida, so when I came across this MIB, 1960s store deadstock Mrs. Beasley doll, I immediately thought of her.  We both enjoyed watching Family Affair as children.  I was closer to the character, Cissy's age and she was right around Buffy's age, the little girl who carried Mrs. Beasley everywhere.
 Yup, she is the real deal, never opened. Only issue is that the talking box needs a repair. Probably over pulled by kids trying it out in the store she was at. Fortunately, this is easily done at a Mattel doll hospital for around $38.00. Original "Hammers" department store (Tennessee variety store) label on box has her marked at $12.95.  Mint in box, working Mrs. Beasley dolls have sold as high as $695.00. I have this one priced at $235.00 with free shipping.

Remember all of the great late Victorian china cabbage roses serving bowls and plates I purchased from a dealer friend?  Well, here they are.  I was hoping to get the new mantle up, but it would not lay well on the wall so I had to bring it back home and find another way to display all of these pieces for Mother's Day.    Since my girlfriend sold them to me at a great price, I am passing them on to my customers at a great price as well. These are perfect for Mother's Day and I priced them for younger family members to purchase for mom with their own money.

The perfect decorative pieces for a romantic farmhouse decor.

EAPG pieces and cut crystal is such a lovely marriage. 

 Found this beautiful, American Brilliant cut crystal celery server at my local Goodwill last year.  I had forgotten about it and brought it in. 

The needle-arts are a personal favorite of mine and I love to decorate with them, especially needlepoint or canvas-work pieces.  Found this lovely Victorian dresser tray with a soft maize background and roses at the Braselton Fair last weekend.  This tray would have originally held a mirror.  It most likely broke and the original owner replaced it with a piece of hand wrought needlepoint.

Brought in the test tube holders and filled them with toothbrushes.  What a fun item to use in a guest bathroom.  Small tubes of toothpaste fit in the larger holes and this would make a great guest item for toiletries.

That sweet chair looks right at home in the vintage white wicker rocker.  

 Booth is packed with lots of items.  I would love to do a huge makeover but just don't have the ability to do it right now as my knee slowly heals.  This crazy Seattle type weather we are having right now does not help the healing process.  My knee is so stiff and it throbs like a barometer. LOL.  Still, I am so glad I had this done.  The rain is predicated through the middle of the week and I'm so looking forward to the sun coming out again.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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Anonymous said...

Hi, saw your Mrs. Beasley segment and was intrigued to see the doll you have was sold in the US but is apparently a Canadian variant. Canadian versions have no vertical seam on the chest; it would also be common of these variants to have a half-collar (collar in front of doll, none in back) stitched onto the doll at the shoulders. Is this the case? Also, you may wish to leave the doll sealed; if opened, the doll will depreciate even more than the broken governor belt in the voice-box does. A broken belt is common, since they tend to break and rot over time inside the voicebox. Anyway, good find! --Rob