Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall is nipping at my heels.

Yeah, it's been a few weeks since I've posted.  Having some direction issues these days.  With my honey in my heart but not by my side, I'm kinda stuck in a loop on what or where to go next.   Lots of stuff happening at my "real job", my 30 years old AC/heating unit finally went belly up so I had to get that replaced this week ($ouch$$$), trying to get the house together for the cooler temps that will eventually come and in the middle of this, pricing like mad for my booths, treasure hunting for goods and creating Halloween costumes for my grandchildren. So if I'm not posting weekly, it is because of all of the above.  Had some neat finds since the middle of September.

Found this pair of beautiful "Elegant Depression Glass" footed compote and bowl. Both are heavily etched, the compote has roses and the bowl has orchids.  Have never come across etched orchids before.

 Close up of the etched work on the bowl.  Gorgeous.

 Look at this sweet face.  Picked him up for 77 cents at my local goodwill and I think I'm gonna keep him rather than sell him.  He is just too cute.

 Another goodwill find, a bag full of new, MIB Hallmark Halloween ornaments and tree.  This will be in my booth on Saturday.

 Fantastic pair of early McCoy matching urns.  These bad boys are big and beautiful and I found them last Sunday at the Queen of Hearts. Priced to steal...I was the lucky buyer that stole them away and took them home.

 An ebay purchase, lovely beaver and silk Victorian top hat.

 This was an auction win last Saturday.  This antique Acoma Indian bowl originally sold about a month ago and for several hundred dollars.  The buyer never came through so they re-auctioned it off and I won it for pennies on the dollar.  So excited as I originally bid on this piece but it was way out of my budget the first time around.

 Another auction win, this print is in marvelous condition in the original frame and with bubbled glass.

 Pair of beautiful vintage carnival glass goblets and a punch bowl stand.

 Love the way my gold leaf mantle looks in the Victorian booth.  I rotated stock and have been selling like mad since I did.

 Sold two tables last week so I had to redo this booth as well.

 Finally got this vintage china hutch repainted in my favorite combo, french aqua with a coffee glaze finish.  Nice, well made piece, I really like the way it turned out.  

Now I'm getting ready to price for Halloween and Thanksgiving and in between create Halloween costumes for my raviolis.   As always, I so appreciate when you stop by and read my posts.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Mitzi said...

Of course I love that little dog painting....he's a keeper! You did a nice job painting that china hutch, too. I had the same American flag print in my booth recently, but not for long! I'm so glad to hear you've been selling up a storm!

Unknown said...

I have 2 of the goblets you show here, first w the beaver skin hat, then again the punchbowl stand. Im wondering if you know anything about them, as I havent been able to find anything about them at all. I love visiting your site, and was thrilled when I saw you have these same goblets!