Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween is in my booths.

  Had big plans for Sunday afternoon to begin decorating my booths for Halloween, but my vehicle had other ideas.  After filling the back with lots of treasure, I get in the drives seat to take off and I find I am dead in the driveway, the baby would not turn over and all I got was a clicking sound and lots of idiot lights blinking on and off.  A call to triple A and a lot of jumping and testing with a final verdict of call the tow truck folks to get my Honda Pilot to the dealership. Sigh. Long story short, the battery needed to be replaced.  So that is what my Sunday consisted of, however, Monday afternoon, I finally got some Halloween in my booths.  

Pumpkins, skulls and candlesticks...a perfect Halloween combination.

 This 1920s composition doll is lifesize and delightfully creeps out passers by.

This great witch is dressed for October right down to her striped stockings and black pumps.

 Spray painted this brilliant orange pumpkins light with a bronze brown.  Love the look and it looks great lit up.

This witch is over three feet tall and is a great gal for an entrance hall. 

Until my Honda decided to stay in bed, I spent Saturday visiting the shops in Monroe, GA.  Hodge Podge and Davis Street Antiques are my favorites and both had lots of new dealers and long time dealers that had moved into new spaces. 

 Found this gorgeous, black transferware buttermilk pitcher.  Early 19th century, this is in my personal collection.

 Hit the Halloween jackpot at Hodge Podge and brought home this nifty witches hat decorated for the season.

 Now this is a sassy, Halloween hat. Lots of black netting, skulls and black feathers.

I can never get enough EAPG and this beauty not only has it's lid but is beautifully etched on both pieces.  This is now part of my personal collection and I can't wait to decorate with it over Christmas.

More EAPG but the best little prize is in the center of this photo.  A genuine, antique medicine bottle with french label and a gentle sun purple color.

Lovely quadruple plate coffee urn. Tall and with an inscribed dedication and dated 1884.

 Pretty Dugan, opalescent glass, although green is not Vaseline glass even though it does fluoresce under a black light.  Circa 1909.

 Nice quad plated condiment carrier will be a perfect display for antique, mercury ornaments.

 Darling decorative element has three, heavy bird cages that you fill with votives and other seasonal elements.

 How cool is this delightful, vintage embroidered santa on cotton.  This was probably going to be a pillow but it would frame beautifully.

And last, but certainly not least, this magnificent print.  This rarely found poster is entitled, "COLORED MAN IS NO SLACKER". It was published in 1918 by S.G. Renesch of Chicago and is one of only two WWI recruitment posters that were published for the purpose of encouraging the enlistment of male African-Americans. The theme of the two different posters was to offer participation in the first World War as an opportunity for African Americans to demonstrate their patriotism and serve their country.  Large piece and in original frame, this is a terrific piece and is in my Victorian booth.

So other than my car shutting down on Sunday, it was a lovely weekend.  Wishing everyone a marvelous week and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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Robin Larkspur said...

Another post of fabulous finds!!!WOw I love all the halloween themed items. Painting those multi-pumpkins bronze was a brilliant inspiration. Good luck with your car! Hugs from Robin!