Monday, February 24, 2014

Clean Undies

It was a marvelous weekend.  The spring weather brought everyone out of doors to wash cars, clean our garages, kids were playing basketball, riding bikes and skateboards and lots of folks were walking.  Spring is just around the corner for those of us located in semi-tropical states and when the warm weather hits I get a case of spring fever that rivals twelve-grader with senioritis.  I want to spring clean but mostly want to wash and hang laundry. There is nothing like the scent of bedsheets dried by the clean air, sun and breeze.  Unfortunately, my small property does not have the setup anywhere for a clothesline but....but...but I now have a European Vulcano drying rack that I found at my local Goodwill a few weeks ago.  

Shirts, tops, pants and even undies have been washed and hung out to dry.  Everything smells so good from the fresh air, tomorrow, I will do sheets. 

Saturday, I did a quick run to a favorite haunt and found a few nifty pieces.

I can't resist antique chairs, especially if they are priced right.  This pair of hand carved walnut, Eastlake Victorian parlor chairs can use a good upholstery makeover and it will be worth it as the price was too good to not take advantage of this lovely pair.

 The first layer of fabric (did I say first layer?) is a 1940s design.  When I pulled it back, it was covering up a 1900's faux tapestry behind it.

Faded and dry, I pulled back the second layer and came upon the original Burgundy velvet and damask seating.  

Even dryer than the layer on top of it, this will have to be removed and replaced with new upholstery fabric.  I'll be looking at different fabrics to reupholster both chairs and I will be keeping these Victorian beauties.

When I lived in Illinois, I had a huge, farm kitchen and used lots of vintage jars for dried noodles. flour, teas, etc.  They always looked great in my pantry.    I'm downsizing again, so these will all be in my main booth next weekend.

Darling, early Depression grill plate.  What a fun plate to serve a child's lunch on.  This was a goodwill find.

I adore these Whiting and Davis mesh bags, especially the fine mail like this one. It is in very good condition with the original lining intact.  Some minor chain mail issues at the hinges, but nothing that detracts from this pretty bag.

One of my favorite find this weekend.  A Victorian cast metal thermometer with hand painted RC numbers on milk glass and the mercury bulb still intact and working.

Set of four Wallace silverplate from the mid 1880s.  Do you use antique silverplate?  I do.  I so love wondering what meals these were used with.

Hubba Hubba, how fun is this Kwik Way mixer.  Retro cool art deco handle and design and this baby still works. 

Lovely set of three, Elegant Depression saucers are etched with ribbon and posies.  These are fun to display handmade soaps, pretty jewelry or a favorite pastry.

and finally, my biggest find this weekend.  Gorgeous, gold oak, late Victorian buffet mantle top.  Lovely pressed designs with candlestick stands.  Can't decide if I want to live with it for a few months or just put it in the booth.  We shall see.  Oh, and speaking of "clean undies" not only did I air dry clothing this weekend for that marvelous scent, I also picked up a jar candle at a favorite shop of mine, The Vintage Styled Life.   The name of the candle, "Clean Undies" and yes, it smells just like air dried clothing.  It was a marvelous weekend for so many reasons, good finds, warm weather, chatting with friends, drying, freshly washed clothes on an outdoor line dryer and yes, a new candle named Clean Undies.  Yea, life is good.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


My Garden Diaries said...

Such outstanding finds! I LOVE those chairs! They are fantastic! And you are so right...nothing better than freshly dried laundry! You all are so lucky to have had such wonderful weather! A happy week to you!! Nicole xo

Mitzi said...

I love seeing your finds, because we often like the same things....the mesh purse is a beauty, and I'm excited to see what fabric you find to re-upholster your lovely chairs with!