Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Thaw Treasure Hunt

Finally, a weekend that was snow and ice free.  Had cabin fever big time and couldn't wait to make a road trip to my favorite haunts.  It was bitter cold on Saturday, but the sky was clear and the sun was out so I was a happy seawitch.   First stop was in Chamblee and although I didn't find a lot of items, I did hit the Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) lottery.  As most of you know I adore EAPG glass for its many patterns and look, but mostly because it was made only in America, has been around since the Civil War era and was the decorative glass of the middle class.  It is the compotes and serving pieces that I collect and I acquired three great pieces to add to my personal collection.

Lovely square, footed compote is a nice size with a pretty pattern.

Another large compote has a short pedestal but has a wide and deep bowl area.  Pretty diamond shapes make this sparkle. 

And now a crown jewel, very--very deep and high EAPG butter or cheese keeper top.  Now I'm on the hunt for the matching bottom.

Nice double, iron shoe last.  A child's size and a lady's size allow double duty for the cobbler to repair soles. 

Fell in love with this find, hand scribed music.  Not sure when I will put these in my booth, right now I am enjoying their beauty.

 This nifty, vintage McCoy wall pocket turned out to be a sleeper find. 
  I love the retro kitcheness of it and was thrilled to learn it is a highly sought after piece for wall pocket and McCoy Pottery collectors.  So this went straight into my display case in my main booth at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

From Chamblee, I then moved on to Monroe to visit Hodge Podge and Davis Street Antiques. 

I know it is hard to see in this picture, but check out this beauty of a Tiffany type lamp I found at Hodge Podge.  Gorgeous piece with a base that looks like a tree branch with an oval Tiffany type shade.  Double bulbs and pulls for single or double lighting.  It is now in my Victorian booth at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

Got to do a little homework on who this is.  Signed West Point Military Academy photograph.  Circa 1940-50s

Pretty little quad plate toasting cup with an orchid on it.  This will be a keeper.

From Hodge Podge, I moved on to Davis Street Antiques.  Always nice to see the welcoming smile of James, the owner. 

Bluebirds of happiness and a butterfly welcome you as you enter 
Davis Street Antiques.

 So many booths filled with vintage treasure it's always hard not to try and bring it all home.

 Darling decorative pillows are made to order by this talented dealer located in Davis Street Antiques.

Found this great and very large Victorian frame and had to bring it home.  So many possibilities for it.  Would look marvelous with a mirror behind it.

Now, what is this unusual item?   If you are a spinner and a knitter, you will recognize a swift at one end and a yarn winder at the other,  Nice antique piece is a perfect compliment to my spinning wheels. 

I always love to visit Davis Street because I find such unique pieces.  From here I made my last stop at Antiques at Old Town in Lilburn.

Lots of talented dealers at Antiques at Old Town, and I am crazy about the pretty garden spaces.

Of course, my reason for swinging by was to see my gal pal, Cheryl's new space.  She has a knack for presenting her pieces like eye candy and you will want it all.  Look how lovely this mannequin display is.

 Cheryl always has such gorgeous linens and I adore Battenburg pieces.  I had to come home with this lovely piece with the monogram.

 Saw this great late 1920's "teddy" ladies underwear.  These became popular in the 1920s as the appropriate garment for the shorter fashion dresses of the day.  This was my last purchase of the day and had to begin driving back home.  Was such a joy to get out and about after being house bound these last few weeks.  Wishing everyone a marvelous week and blessings to you and those you love.

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