Friday, April 25, 2014

Enough! Three's let me be done already.

First I have to replace the heating/cooling unit in my home last November, second, just a few weeks ago I had to replace the hot water heater and the pressure valve, sigh...and third and it better be the end to this home maintenance nightmare I seem to be living in, replace the sewer line from the house to the street and yes, homeowners does not cover that.  So a home improvement loan for $4,600.00 later and I can flush toilets again.  Enough already, let's hope that I'm done now as the magic of threes has been hit and my bank account is depleted.  

Still, there was a huge blessing that came to my home last weekend.  As many of you know, my beloved Kota pass away a couple of months ago.  I have been following for a while just to see the sweet babies that are up for adoption when this sweet face popped up.  It was love at first sight so I reached out to the organization and learned that there would be a "meet and greet at the Canton Street Antique Market parking lot.  

Holy antique finds, Batman!  Was this a sign?  I drove to Roswell and there I met this sweet little face.

A three year old, miniature dachshund that was wearing her cone as she was recently spayed  A lovely conversation and interview with the foster mom and I now had to wait as others had also requested to adopt her. Drove home hoping that I would get the call.  Monday afternoon I heard from the foster mom that they selected me from the candidate pool.  So happy that this sweet baby would be coming to live with me and yes, I can say that this is the best little treasure I have found at an antique store.

Now sweet Gynness (feminine spelling for Guinness) is the newest member of my family.  I had to name her Gynness as she is the color of that tasty beer and everyone knows you have to have a good beer with a hotdog.

She is a bundle of doggy energy and a nosy little thing.  Loves to root through my boxes of antiques.

She has the huge dachshund ears that when she lays down she looks like a sassy little fruit bat.

Watching mommy grill a steak.  Yes, sweet girl, you will have a tiny little piece.

Had to introduce her to my gal pals at Vintage Village and did a little shopping for treasure while I was there.

Lovely Edwardian white waist shirt.  In very wearable condition.

Scooped up this sweet pair of vintage flocked peeps from another favorite booth.  These will be keepers for my Easter decor. 

Lovely Victorian quadruple plate cup has most of its silver.  

Fantastic over painted albumen print of Civil War era lady. This is a beautiful piece and in a simple, oval frame. Circa 1860s.

This marvelous wooden box on metal sled runners was also found at Vintage Village and is a great example of a regional piece. Being a Yankee gal who spent lots of time around outdoor skating rinks and ponds, I knew exactly what this was. A box on sled skids with a hook was usually attached to a snow mobile or dog or horse and brought to the rink filled with blankets, hot chocolate for kids and hot coffee often laced with whiskey, for adults, to keep warm while you skated. This will make a terrific coffee table for a lake, ski or mountain home.

Fantastic RumRill, Redwing base from their Athenian line.  Very Art Deco and now I'm on the hunt for the matching bowl.

Good night all, looking forward to tomorrow's trip to the Braselton Antique and Spring Holiday Fair.  Blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch


My Garden Diaries said...

Oh she is just adorable friend!!!! And how cute is that name!!! Your finds are all fantastic but that sweet girl is such a wonderful blessing!!!!

Lady Locust said...

Oh you poor thing. If I get to vote, I vote that you are done with all the home repair (those are way too big to be classified as maintenance.) So glad you found a new little friend. It's really weird to be so used to the old & have them not be there. Your new little Gynness looks pretty mean:) I'm sure she'll be a great watch dog - watch you shop, watch you eat, watch you...
Have a beautiful weekend.

audrey said...

I was SO excited to see Gynness!! We have a mini doxie - Jake - he will be 3 in September. I don't remember what life was like before Jake. We adore him. I can see you already love Gynness. I know you will make many precious memories. Congratulations on the new member of your family.
I hope, too, your household fixups are done for a long time! I hate to spend money on things like that.
Take care. Enjoy that little one!!