Sunday, April 6, 2014


What a day March 26th was.  Woke up at my usual 7:00 am and padded into the bathroom to get ready for work and walked into a puddle of water.   Water?  Why is there water on the bathroom floor?  Hmm, now I hear what sounds like the shower running.   A little investigation and I discover that the expansion tank on my water heater has burst and it's been sending water out for several hours.  Now the SeaWitch does appreciate a body of water, just not inside a land house.  Sigh, not the way I wanted to start the day. 

Called a plumber and then my boss to say I would be working from home as the plumber does his thing. I was hoping this would be a quick and not too expensive fix, but alas, not only did I need to replace the water heater but also the main pressure value.  So, 4 hours and $1,880.22 later, I have water again and contained as it should be.  

Now, all of this happened almost ten days ago and it has taken me this long to finally get this post up.  Busy at work, busy at home and in between I have been treasure hunting.  So there are lots of pics to look at.  

Hit the auction and won two pieces of ugly furniture. LOL.  Both needed lots of TLC and a chalk paint upgrade.  Love the way they both turned out.

This was a rickety antique fern table that needed a good reglue.   French aqua blue is still my favorite shade for repaints and I applied a florentine fresco design and finished with barista brown wax.  

Pretty, demilune side table was scratched all over so I did another upcycle with French aqua blue and the same finish as the fern table.  Both pieces are in my main booth at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

Another auction win.  Nice chalk statue with stand and small bird feeder bowl at her head.

Gorgeous vintage, inlay tea/liquor cart from Sorentto, Italy. Drop down leaves and solid brass wheels.  In as perfect condition as you could want. This is currently in my Victorian booth.

Acquired a small box of quality fashion jewelry and inside was this gorgeous Joan Rivers Imperial Crown brooch.

Stopped by one of my favorite thrift store haunts and scored this Eastlake chair for a shamelessly cheap price.  It is now my new desk chair.

 Same store, same dealer and acquired another beautiful Victorian chair. Nice boudoir slipper chair of hand carved walnut with a lovely reupholster in pink velvet.  It's in my main booth a the Buford Queen of Hearts. 

 Brought in a load of vintage pillowcase sets.  In lovely condition and so nice to offer sets.

Crazy about this vintage bottle wrapped in cane.  

This weekend was a crystal and cut crystal weekend.  Found some lovely pieces and it starts with this great Hofbauer crystal compote.  Original label, there are four birds (byrdes) cut into the sides of the bowl.  West Germany.  The Hofbauer factory burned down in 1990 and this is no longer produced.   Circa 1970s-80s. I added the vintage sequined fruit for display.

Came across a table filled with mid century pressed glass that had pieces of American Brilliant cut crystal mixed in.  It was obvious that this seller did not know the difference between pressed glass and cut and I acquired these on the cheap.  I kept the top one as it is a very heavy piece and I love the way it throws rainbows.

The second piece that I almost kept but it is now in my Victorian booth.

A matched set of low bowl servers.  Hand cut crystal.

Another thrift store find, etched EAPG vase.  This one is a keeper for my EAPG collection.

Fantastic antique copper drinking cup. This one has lots of dents on the bottom so I suspect this was a communal cup at a public water pump or a trail piece.

Found a pile of antique and vintage serving pieces and a great sterling silver handle shoe horn.  It was a good two weeks of fighting treasure and I hope to sell enough to pay for the new water heater, sigh.

My main booth is packed to the gills with the painted pieces and pretty statue and has a nice spring look to it.  Hope everyone is also having a lovely spring and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch.


Mitzi said...

You did a wonderful job with the chalk paint.....I love that color, too! Your booth looks packed and ready for some spring business!

Unknown said...

These are nice finds! You wouldn't want those getting spoiled with a pipe that leaked all night. Not getting that fixed immediately could've messed around more stuff, and could've set you back even more.
Levi Eslinger @

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