Sunday, November 2, 2014

Man, October flew by.

Greetings, dear readers.  The clocks have been set back and November is here and I swear October still has two weeks left in it.  It has been a very busy month going to auctions, visiting favorite haunts and spending a weekend in Arlington, MA visiting my youngest grandson.  Arlington is about an hour from Boston and 10 minutes from Lexington and smack in the middle of our country's history.  I love everything about this part of our country except when it is wet and cold...I was blessed with gorgeous, autumn weather with a clear blue sky, crisp air and leaves in all stages of color.  

Brilliant orange and yellow foliage against a blue sky.

My stepdaughter and her husband live along a gorgeous bike path that is busy with walkers, runners, riders and families.  This beautiful tree was along that bike path and I shot the image as I walked to Trader Joe's for some groceries.  

Amazing colors, there is nothing like a New England autumn.

Sweet Evan had a blast at the park.  Lucky boy, it is just a 5 minute walk from their house.

Sunday morning, we made a trip t0 Wilson's Market for some vegies right off the local farm.  Joyful pumpkins abound and were in the most interesting colors. 

 Examples of their bounty were visible on the outdoor shelves on the side of the building.

 Huge, pink pumpkins were beautiful and if I had to take one home I would have a hard time selecting as the were all so pretty,

 These pale, blue green pumpkins were very seawitchy.

 Nothing like offering pumpkins the size of a Volkswagen.  These bad boys were big enough to make a kiddie play house.

Wilson's of Lexington, Mass is a farm market in the truest sense.  From the smells of the frying cider donuts to the rooms filled with all natural foods fresh off the farm, I understand why Evan's mom and dad shop here weekly.

Back home and I had lots to do to get ready for the upcoming Open House at the Buford Queen of Hearts the first week in November.
Did a repaint on a scratched piece of furniture from Goodwill.  Pretty gray milk paint with a Kona wax finish.

Hit an auction on Saturday and came home with some great wins.

 Won a pair of antique Persian rugs.  Hand knotted with brilliant, natural dye colors.  

One of the rugs was a gorgeous runner.  Both are in my Victorian booth at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

 Lucky me, won a box of American flow blue pieces, all from the early 1900s.  Pretty little creamer pitcher, covered serve and a selection of bowls.

 Abbey blue transferware bowl was another find in the flow blue lot.

Made a visit to a favorite haunt, Vintage Village and found treasure there as well.  
Lovely, hand hammered pot is a keeper.
Picked up these adorable Americana trees there too.  They match up beautifully with the felt stocking.

Spent Saturday evening working up tags and Sunday afternoon loading up both spaces with Christmas items.  Still lots more to bring in before the Holiday Open House next week.

Santas, trees, nativity scenes and antique ornaments can be found in my main booth.

I love the look of an "Old Fashioned Christmas" and this part of my booth is filled with those items.

Santas, snowmen and gravy boats.  Everything you need for the holidays.

Holiday silverplate and an Eastlake marble table can be found in my Victorian space at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

Sweet Gynness says good night.  She has had a busy weekend with the trick or treaters and sniffing all of the holidays items I brought in to the house to price.  She wishes everyone a great week and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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