Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fun Saturday Auction

The weekends are getting shorter as we begin to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I managed to squeeze in a Saturday auction and came home with some nifty treasure.  It was one of the auctions where tables full of items were sold as lots so you acquired more than you bargained for.  This could either be fun or you had lots to drop off at your local Goodwill.   Turned out it was fun as many other winning bidders had items they didn't want and we all ended up swapping with each other.  It was a good time seeing what was trash to one and treasure to another and truly is a part of what makes this business so much fun.

So below are some of the items I won or swapped for.
I swapped portable lawn chairs for a box lot of vintage flower frogs which make festive candy cane holders.
Large selection of Wedgwood dinner ware was a winning bid.  These are now in my main space at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

I won six, mid century punch bowls and kept three and swapped the others.  

One of my swapped items was this marvelous, mid century lucite ice bucket and tongs.

Heavy, ship's decanter has pretty etched and cut roses into it.  

Found these darling, Art Deco era brushed bronze Gazelle knife rests from France in the bottom of one of my winning auction boxlots.

Heavy, Waterford Crystal short vase and a sweet creamer and sugar.

More Wedgwood, this group has gold striping on the pieces.

Pretty sterling silver overlay on crystal cake platter.  Lovely shape.

Nice, mid century Italian Claret (wine) pitcher is in beautiful condition with pewter top and handle.

Hard-To-Find, Vintage NY-LINT R.G.  Le Tourneau TOURNAROCKER, made by NY-LINT Tool & Mfg. Co. in Rockford, Illinois. 

Terrific flapper era celluloid travel kit.

My Victorian space is packed with festive items.

So is my main booth and there is lots to select from to make the holidays festive.

It's fun to see how lovely everyone's spaces are during this holiday season.  I have another Open House on Wednesday and can't wait as it is a favorite shop, Vintage Village in Snellville. There will be photos.  So stay warm and enjoy the week and as always, blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch.

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Mitzi said...

Your booths look very festive indeed! I hope your open house went well and that your holiday sales exceed expectations!