Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Weeks are Flying By

Thanksgiving came and went and we are already entering the middle of December.  I'm afraid to blink these days because January may be in my lap before I know it.

Spent Thanksgiving week in Aurora, Colorado with my youngest son and his family.  It was a perfect week with gorgeous weather.  We walked around historical farm homes, had High Tea a the gorgeous Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, and family Thanksgiving in Golden.  
The beautiful chandelier in the atrium of the Brown Palace.  This baby is huge.

 Every corner had highly decorated lanterns. 

The atrium is breathtaking.

Closeup of the massive ceiling stained glass.

 Gorgeous ironwork balconies.

 Lots of folks enjoy Thanksgiving week High Teas.

Looking out the walkway to the city.

Reflection of the setting sun against the old church made for an interesting shot.

Now back home, I was fortunate to find treasure at a local auction and Vintage Village.

Stunning Italian gilt, wrought iron drink cart.  Very heavy with a tassel design.  Circa 1950s, this was an auction win.

Three fantastic  19th century American whiskey jugs and a pickle crock.  Perfect for the American Primitive collector.

Love it when I find antique transfer ware.  This set of plates is called Lara and from the late 1800s.

Pretty vintage Armetell Ware mugs and gravy boats and a great selection of Elegant Depression, etched crystal servers.

Festive Santas, snowmen and knitted trees have a homespun warmth.

Sweet rocker with little elf is waiting to hand out caroling booklets.  What is that wooden piece you may ask?  It's a rare 1900s warming rack.

Filled this glass, gallon milk bottle with glass ornaments and white lights.  It makes a pretty Christmas light decoration.

Lovely, four cup pewter candelabra is of German origin.  Circa 1950s

Honor the New Born King with a crown this season.  Vintage champagne cooler was spraypainted silver by a previous owner.  Would make a great stand for a favorite artificial tree.

Sweet, small silverplated footed tray is too cute for words.

This vintage, child's velvet bonnet and muff remind me of what Natalie Wood, as a child, wore in Miracle on 34th street.

 My main space is packed with Christmas decor and lots of gift ideas.

 Victorian space looking pretty good too.

 Now, a little Happy Christmas for me courtesy of one of the talented dealers at Vintage Village. Went to pick up a great Victorian rocker they were holding for me and so I did a little shopping as well.

This box of vintage mercury glass bird were in their original box.  I looked for the price tag, couldn't find one, but found this message on the back.

"Sad Birds!  The have lost their clips and tail feathers, but still so sweet.  Free! (to a good Home)" OMG. Is this real?  I brought the box to the front desk and YES, not only was it real but the dealer was there to confirm. Sweet!  This is one of the many reasons why I so enjoy finding treasure at Vintage Village.  I went home with a free box of Christmas birds along with other treasure, life is good.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.  Sea Witch

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Robin Larkspur said...

Hi Dari! Long time no see. I have been MIA on the blogs for ages and ages and ages, but am slowly trying to get caught up with everyone. I love the photos from Colorado, and envious of the High Tea!! Your shop looks great (as always). Love the child's bonnet. I think of you and wondering how you have been all these months, and hope things are going well. I put the amber relish tray that I got from you sometime last year (I think it was last year) on our Thanksgiving table and it looked so pretty. And reminded me of you. Hugs my friend and Happy Holidays.