Sunday, December 14, 2014

We met over daffodils...

and then he handed me a million bucks.

Let me start at the beginning.  I was doing a little treasure hunting at a favorite haunt when I came across a set of Bavarian, daffodil dishes.  Usually Cabbage Roses are the theme on these pieces but daffodils, not common. So I brought them to the counter where I had a small pile forming.  I was at the far end of the shop when a distinguished man approached me in a brilliant, Christmas red shirt.  He asked if I was "need this" as that is how I am known by the owners.  I concurred and he asked if he could purchase the daffodil plates from me.  He shared that daffodils were his favorite flower and wanted to make an offer worth my while.  
Well, it's Christmas, and sometimes we are the carrier for items, I said, absolutely not, you cannot pay me extra for these delightful plates.  Let's just have the front desk move them from my pile into yours instead.  Well, Stephan introduced himself and asked if he could give me a hug and then handed me a million dollars.  

Seems that special bill was Stephan's calling card for the shop he owned called, "Gone to the Dogs."  I was in the area so I decided to make a stop there.

Gone to the Dogs is located inside "Simple Finds", a beautiful consignment shop housing gorgeous furniture, fur coats, jewelry, antiques and lighting.
Not far from the entrance and to the left, you will find Gone to the Dogs and when you stand at the entrance, you will feel transformed into a Christmas ornament wonderland.  

The color and the sparkle of the thousands of ornaments will leave you breathless.  I truly stopped at the entrance to take it all in.

Beautiful antiques can be found through out.  How clever to utilize glass tree toppers as candlesticks in this gorgeous silverplate candelabra. 

If you are looking for the dogs, well they are showcased the entire length of the wall and filled with needlepoint pillows, socks, hangers, pins, bows, and you name it and with every breed imaginable.  Beautiful dog themed pieces.

Fell in love with this magnificent candelabra.  It is calling my name, I may need to start saving pennies for it.

Tinsel trees, goosefeather look trees, vintage look and fir abound and all are filled to capacity with every imaginable ornament you could want and yards and yards of glass garland.

  Stephan will take any photo you have of your favorite fur baby and turn the image into a Christmas ornament.   

Vintage ornaments are everywhere.

Color themed ornaments sparkle.

Sequined ornaments are perfect for little ones to put on the tree.  They have the fire and sparkle that little ones love but will not break if dropped.

Laughed out loud with this clever sign.  If you are looking for an "odd ball" you can't beat the price or the selection.

The wall of beautiful, glass ornaments reminded me of the German Christkindl Markets.

 You will find the largest selection of vintage Christmas postcards I have ever seen.

Beautiful Nativity scenes are in a large display case.

Nope, these are not vintage boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments but miniature versions lovingly handcrafted by Stephan.  He has turned them in to delightful pins and all proceeds go to Animal Rescue.  I bought three of them, one to send to my baby sister and two for me as I couldn't decide which I liked best. I'll be wearing mine through the Christmas season.

The antique business has afforded me the opportunity to meet the kindest and most interesting of people under so many different circumstances.  I would never have known about Gone to the Dogs or have met Stephan had I not stumbled upon a set of daffodil plates at a local shop.  In the words of my people, it was "bashert"... destiny or fate.  

Blessings to you and those you love -- Sea Witch


Seawashed said...

I just loved this post..and isn't this what Christmas is all about. Good tidings and merry wishes. And lots of sparkle. xxo

Rose DeAngelo Eagle said...

I think he used to have his own shop in Chamblee. All the dog stuff seems familiar. Seems like it was on the same street as Rust and Dust.

Robin Larkspur said...

Oh My!!! How fabulous, gosh I wish that shop was here where I live. And I adore all the dog items. What a wonderful story!