Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thawing out

Other than my sister who lives in Florida, just about everyone I know has been dealing with frigid temps, snow, ice storms and even more snow.  As I write this post, I am hearing the weather report for Monday call for snow conditions with more school closings.  Now this may seem a bit odd for those who live in snow regions, but the south just doesn't have the equipment to deal with something that shows up every few years.  It's just easier for us to shut down and let it ride.  The good thing is that it doesn't take too long before we are back on track.  My daffodils have already sprouted and should be blooming any day now.

Spent Saturday at the auction and came home with some nifty pieces of treasure. 

This lovely little Mother of Pearl and lacquer "book" with leather binding is actually an Asian inspired and rare antique, daguerreotype case. I have never come across a dag case like this and it is in marvelous condition.

 Inside the velvet is in great condition and has traditional gold gilt metal framing.  Snap clap works beautifully.  Circa 1840-50s

This was a find at one of my favorite haunts, Vintage Village, in Snellville.  Gorgeous vintage silverplated Thoroughbred horse figurine by Jennings Brothers. Circa 1900s. 

Huge box of vintage patterns.  Many from the mid 1970s through the 1980s.  Lots of embroidery transfer patterns as well.

How cute are these vintage St. Bernard figurines?  Just cha cha for the three Bernards that are a bank.  All from the 1950s.

Nifty group of vintage Radio and Television service notes and radio talks books.  Circa 1940s.  The Service Notes Manuals are interesting with lots of pictures and schematics on how to do repairs.

 Brought in more turquoise and coral jewelry as these pieces are selling again.

 Coro pop it beads in lime green are so neat.  Everyone girl had pop it beads in the 1960s.  Also added a lovely hand carved, vegetable ivory pineapple bead necklace.  

Lovely mid century feathered pill box hat, very 1960s, very Jackie O.

Transferware moves as quickly as I can find it and bring it in.   Added lots more blue this weekend as this color continues to be the most sought after.

My main space is packed with lots of treasure.

My Victorian space has lots of lovely antiques from the 1880s through the 1930s.

Hoping that the cold and snow will be over by the middle of this week.  I have two tables I want to finish painting and I can't until the cold has left.  Keep warm everyone and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Robin Larkspur said...

Love the dog figurines! I wonder what event one could wear that feathered hat to?

Lady Locust said...

Daffodils! Where are you. We haven't had the snow like back east, but definitely no daffys. Love the green sofa in the last pix.