Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Interesting finds

First weekend in about 60 days that wasn't wet, damp, cold or snowy. I took advantage of the break and finally did the chalk repaint on a pair of 1940s Old Hollywood Italian tables. These beauties were a mess when I found them at a local thrift store.

Peeling and chippy yellow paint exposed the dull metal base of the cupids supporting the Italian marble tabletops. I wire brushed off the peeling paint, prepped it and then did a chalk paint in Clay Bisque with a Kona stain wax finish. Crazy thrilled with the outcome and both are in my main space at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

Close up of the cupids.
After the painting I did a little local shopping at a few of my favorite haunts, beginning with Vintage Village in Snellville.

They were holding this Mourning piece for me and then I found more treasure.
Love figural hands and this pair of porcelain doll hands have such a lovely lilt.
Sweet little silverplated frame is no bigger than 3 inches in height but it flew out of my space over the weekend.
Love vintage Westmoreland trinket boxes and even though this sweet slag glass lamb is missing the box, it's just to cute for words.
On to a favorite thrift store and I found this great glove box with a lovely village scene and a sassy little dog at the corner.
Another sweet Westmoreland piece, teeny tiny opalescent milk glass hen on basket is actually a covered salt.

I adore Victorian quad plate and this huge goblet is a keeper for my personal collection.

I wonder how many pitchers of lemonade or lemon meringue pies were made using this 19th centure lemon squeezer.

A great assortment of vintage sterling and silverplated spoons and a pickle fork.

Advertising piece, tin drinking cup courtesy of Dean Hardware Co.

Spring is just around the corner so I had to bring out sassy hats. This "faboosh" Frank Olive for Nieman Marcus, black and white straw hat is amazing. Olive designed for the stars and sold only in high end stores. Well made and always with style. Circa 1950s 

Typical church lady hat is navy blue straw with big, sassy silk and velvet flowers.

My main space is packed to the gills with spring items. 

Same with my Victorian space, lots to select from. 
With the pair of Italian tables completed, I can now start on a personal piece. Here's hoping that the weather will cooperate. Don't forget, we change the clocks ahead an hour this weekend. So looking forward to those longer, sunny days of summer. Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Robin Larkspur said...

You did a spectacular job on those tables. You have such a flair, and also the patience of a saint to do all that meticulous restoration. As always I love your shops and every little thing! Come on Spring!!!

Tanya said...

I love seeing you here, because it means a wonderful peek at everything you've been up to! Wish I lived closer, as I swoon over your booth photo, too! Happy Thursday - Tanya