Monday, April 27, 2015

It's all about ME!

It's been one of those weekends where the treasure that I found was eclectic and all over the place.  From auction wins, visits to local Goodwills and of course Vintage Village, I was a treasure finding fool.

Gorgeous round hand crocheted in the popular Pineapple pattern of the 1950s, this table cloth is in lovely condition.

Set of three English pewter measures and all have their weights/measures inspectors stamps.

Rare, store display for miniature cigars was an auction win.  

Adore prisms and this candlestick is extremely heavy with the thickest and heaviest prisms I have every come across. Full of rainbow fire, this came home to live with me.

 Sweet little silverplated bell was black with patina and a Goodwill find.  It polished up beautifully and would make a lovely way to announce the entrance of a new bride and groom.

 Lovely cut to clear, marigold decanter was another Goodwill find.

Isn't she lovely?  Pretty bust of a period woman makes a marvelous display for staging jewelry, so this is a piece I will keep for me.

Adore antique carnival glass and my visit to Vintage Village garnered this lovely find.  It is at home in my display case with other carnival glass pieces.  Another find for me.

Be still my quad loving heart.  Another Vintage Village find that is now part of my personal collection and yet, another find for me.

Nothing like a deadstock vintage girdle.

and it's little friend, a deadstock vintage, long line bullet bra.  Both found at Vintage Village.

A thrift store find, more deadstock merchandise.  Vintage beads in glass vials in the original display card.

Marvelous finger oil lamp.  This is a keeper as I use them on my deck in the evening when the nights are gentle.  Another find for me.

How about this twin set of covered turkey dishes.  A Goodwill find, these will make their way to my booth space over Thanksgiving.

A pair of gorgeous, late Victorian umbrella's with rolled gold and mother of pearl handles.  Both were found at Vintage Village. 

 Both came home for me.

Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she wonderful?  Gorgeous yard long dated 1914 was an auction win and she is now in my Victorian space at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

Pretty set of three depression era luncheon plates were a thrift store find.

Pretty cut crystal plate is heavy and make a lovely candle support.  A thrift store find, I'm still on the fence about selling or keeping so for now, it is home with me.

So you can see, I have kept many of these recent finds for me which made this treasure hunt all about me.  I must admit, I feel a bit shameless about keeping so many of my recent finds...but that feeling should pass soon.  In closing...

Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


My Garden Diaries said...

Ha!! That quote up there is hilarious!!! LOVED it! And I loved every single thing you found! You have the most amazing eye!! I can't even pick a favorite as they all have something special about them! Wishing you an outstanding week! SO glad you are keeping these deserve it! Nicole xo

holli said...

WOW! Such great finds for sure. I love the prism candle stick holder, and the bust. I would spray paint her a bright pink.
I almost bought a table cloth similar this past weekend at estate sale but someone bought it first. It was only 3 dollars and it was gorgeous.

Tanya said...

I think you deserve those treasures...nothing shameless about it at all. I don't know what's my favorite this time around - hell, it's ALL fabulous! Hope the week holds more treasures!