Sunday, August 16, 2015

And I still haven't found what I'm looking for....

sing it to me sweetly, Bono.  Still haven't found that cupboard that I am looking for.   So I made a cupboard hunting pilgrimage to Monroe, GA where there are many "HUGE" antique malls.  Thought I would find it there, but no such luck.  I have to stop looking for that elusive cupboard and let it find me instead.  Still, it was a lovely day to be out and about and the first day I have felt half human as I get over this bout of stomach virus.   Started off at Hodge Podge Art, Antiques and Interiors where a lot of new dealers have taken up residence.  You can tell that everyone is looking forward to the cool nights of fall as they begin changing out their spaces from summer fun to cozy autumn.

Beautiful drieds, a cute nanny goat and vegies everywhere.

This space is so joyful with its rich, riot of jeweltone rugs.  

It's always the case, I was interested in this table top cupboard but the tag said NFS.

These warm copper pieces suggest cooler days ahead where kettles filled with water heating upon the stove will soon bear cozy teas or hot chocolates.

What a sweet face, lovely acrylic painting.  One of my lovely daughters in law would be ga ga over this.

On to one of my favorite dealers in Monroe, James at Davis Street Antiques.  Still no cupboard but there is always treasure at Davis Street Antiques.  

Marvelous retro 1950s coat of black satin with huge buttons.  This is too cha cha for words.

Love Victorian/Edwardian whites and I found several there. 

From Davis Street I headed to Ian Henderson's Antique Mall.  Open 7 days a week, in the former Walton Mill, they live up to their tag line, 100,000 square feet of awesome.   Would I find my elusive cupboard?  Nope, but I found Neptune's triton, I found treasure. 

 Love this Edwardian net skirt with bustle room to boot.  This is a piece that I will keep and wear.

Be still my heart.  I am head over tea kettle with this find.  A Civil War era Chantilly lace shawl.  These are so delicate and gorgeous and I have lusted after one for years but their price is often way out of my budget.  This one was priced to move as it had a few lace tears along each end but it was so worth it to me.  

The fun at Ian Henderson's Antique Mall are the finds.  So many booths to explore and always a unique item to be found.  Great old celluloid dolly with hair that looks like mine when I first wake up.  An adorable little jointed hand made bear will find it's way to a Christmas display come December.  As I checked out at the register, Ian Henderson himself not only waited me out but actually remembered me from a visit last September and the blog post I wrote about my visit.  WOW, with the hundreds of thousands of people that walk this spacious antique mall, Ian remembered the Sea Witch.  Now that is amazing customer service.

Sheffield  knives in what looks like never used condition in their original presentation boxes.    Bakelite handles on the carving set and celluloid handles on the small butter knives.  These were an auction win from last week but I was sick with the stomach virus and I had forgotten to pull them from the car.  Found them this weekend.

A local thrift store find, gorgeous EAPG covered compote. Huge and acid etched uranium glass of feeding swans.  Circa 1880s.

 Pretty, early Carnival Glass of water lilies.   Double handles and in perfect condition.

The season for family entertaining will be here sooner than you think and I scored with this group of serving forks and sterling handled cake server.

Love this old brown transfer ware plate of herons. Still looking up the maker and pattern.  May not part with it as I adore the theme. 

Who doesn't love snow babies and I acquired this group for such a steal that is would have been sinful not to take them.  Come December, they will be in my main space at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

So glad to find this antique crocheted tablecloth.   These items have been selling as fast as I can bring them into my booth space.

Another thrift store find, he's just to cute for words.  

Stopped by Vintage Village and nearly squealed with delight when I found this pair of vintage noisemakers.  

 I remember carrying these as a child in New Jersey on Halloween.  

Sweet set of French grammar books from the 1900s.

Yes, another petticoat.  It was a great weekend for finding these gems and at good prices.  

And finally, at a yard sale, picked this beauty up for $1.00.   Sometimes dropping in as they are shutting down is the best time for a great buy.  

So, as I began, I end and I still haven't found what I'm looking for.  However, the hunt continues to be fun.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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