Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Walking Dead

Have been feeling like one of the Walking Dead this last week.   Came down with that nasty stomach bug that has been making the rounds and it really kicks you in the gut.  I've been camping out in there for days and hopefully, I have turned the corner on this. Drinking lots of fluids and embracing the BRAT diet until my stomach stops turning in knots.  

So yea, this is pretty much me.  

Now before all of this hit, I had a great time at the last auction and came home with some great pieces.

Gorgeous Victorian, quadruple silverplated punch bowl.  This looked a mess with lots of black patina and tarnish and bidders were afraid of it.  Was really glad to win the piece and  it sure polished up beautifully and will be a marvelous piece for the Victorian, quad collector.

 Vintage jewelry always goes for prices higher than I have in my budget, but I walked away a big winner with some beautiful pieces.

Gorgeous dome brooch with hand set  aurora borealis and amethyst stones in a gold wash setting.   

Another big vintage brooch with faceted and cabochon cut rhinestones, all hand set in a gold wash setting.  Rich jewel tones make this the perfect brooch for fall.

Elegant amethyst and aurora borealis rhinestones hand set in a gold wash setting.   

My favorite of these four brooches, this has such fire and beautifully set.  

You'll be puttin on the ritz with this sassy rhinestone brooch.

Pair of fiery, vintage rhinestone earrings sets.

Gorgeous "Parue" of aurora borealis rhinestones, hand set and full of fire.

Lovely, vintage, Miram Haskell rhinestone pendant necklace.

Lovely pair of vintage, rhinestone necklaces. Stones are set, not glued.

 Pretty black and clear rhinestone demi parue set.

Lovely demi parue set of blue and crystal rhinestones.

Love cut crystal pieces and this heavy decanter is a beauty.

There is something marvelous about gravy boats and tureens.  They evoke the best in cooking and holiday meals.  These will find there way to my booth space come Thanksgiving.

 Sweet little vintage, flow blue covered sugar bowl is meant for tea time.  Do you use cubes or crystals?

Pretty little pair of Fenton, Spanish lace and silver crest pattern.  

And finally, this electrified, antique brass oil lamp with original glass shade.  I swoon over these pieces and will be keeping this one.    

So, I'm hoping that the stomach bug is passing and I will be up for a weekend of treasure hunting.  Stay healthy and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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