Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Finds

I was out of pocket last weekend as I was visiting my grandchildren who moved from Alaska to Virgina.  It is so nice to have them back on the east coast again and it is close enough for me to drive up and see them.  The leaves had begun to turn in the Carolina's and Virginia and today I noticed this tree in my local Rite Aid (Atlanta) showing the first signs of the season.  Leaves have been falling early this year and that is usually indicative of a mild winter...or at least that is what the Farmers Alamanc always said.

It was a marvelous visit and my three raviolis are getting so big.  The twins are now in Kindergarten and Kit Kat is in the 5th grade. They sent me home with costume orders for Halloween so I spent Saturday afternoon at the fabric store.    But, before I hit the fabric store I did a little treasure hunting.

Found a slew of interesting items this weekend, lovely Raku pottery piece. Small but with great iridescence.

When you wanted to take your Princess phone to Queen you put a silverplated cover on it.

A find for the Sea Witch, gorgeous pearl Nautilus shell.

Lovely Czechoslovakian art, drink glass. Signed on the bottom and numerically marked.  Still looking up the info on the artist.

Marvelous find, a pair of retired Llardo pieces in perfect condition.

Decanters have been big sellers this year and this gorgeous turn of the century piece is full of fire and has original stopper.

How cool are these, a set of handmade Christmas napkin rings from the 1950s.  Red felt with pinked edges and tiny pine cones. 

An assortment of beaded tassels in red, green and brown. Nice size and are great decorative elements.

This was such a neat find, a 1940s cold painted piggy bank.  Big piece and looks like McCoy pottery.

Started pulling out Halloween items for both spaces and put together a display using an old doll, vintage baby carriages, pumpkins and black netting.  

Victorian parlor tables have been flying out of my booth.  I have sold four of them in 30 days.

I've been wanting to do a Romantic Farmhouse piece by using this mirror in a gorgeous antique frame but could not find a base.  Finally came across an Eastlake table base at a junk store and I put the two together.  Love the way it turned out.

It's in my Victorian space and the antique decanters and lighting look marvelous on it.

A weekend find, a calico wrapper...the day dress worn by American pioneer women.  This beauty has seen lots of wear and is riddled with burn holes from working too close to the hearth.  Still, it is a lovely display piece.

Hung lots of "witchey" garland. These were made by a local artist from Lilburn.

Pair of ticking cats are delightful Halloween pieces.

My Victorian space is ready for Halloween.

Love the faces on these vintage Nerf pumpkins.   Hard to find as most have dry rotted out, this one is in great condition.

Vintage witch noise makers and old hats.

Love this vintage skeleton from a pharmaceutical company.  

 Vintage bottles, sweet teddy and a happy pumpkin man.

This time last year I was visiting family in Cambridge, Mass and I took this picture of these gorgeous blue green pumpkins. Seems only fitting that I close this post with them.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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Lady Locust said...

What finds! Your shell is beautiful. Also, would love to see some close ups of the dress. I love the detail of design that went into some of those oldies.
Have a fabulous day:)