Sunday, November 8, 2015

Found one!!!

Yes, my hunt for an antique cupboard has reaped a lovely piece and an interesting story.  About ten days ago, I saw a post on one of my favorite locations for treasure, Vintage Village in Snellville, GA, so I sent a message inquiring about the size and the price.  Debbie contacted me right away to say that it never even made it off the dealers truck.  It was sold, sigh so I took off for Virgina to visit my grandchildren who recently moved from Anchorage, Alaska back to the lower 48.  Halloween is a favorite holiday and all three had requested costumes from grandma-ma.  

 The Con-man requested a Scout Trooper costume.

Kels-Bells asked for a Mulan, princess gown,

And Kit Kat, designed her costume, Steampunk Ocean Warrior.  Grandma-ma took her concept and put this together.  She is working it.

We couldn't have asked for a better day, beautiful autumn weather and neighborhood friends made it a fun evening.

Even made a short trip to a local thrift store in Springfield and I came home with some treasure.

But the real story is after I returned home, I see a facebook message from a gal pal dealer and author.  Barbara and I have taste that is so equal you would think we were twin sisters.  We could shop for each other without a list and each pick up the same item for the other.  Seems that pretty cupboard that I was interested in was purchased by Barbara. Once she got it home it was too big for her space so she inquired if I was still interested in it.  

Hot damn dog, you bet I am.  Got the measurements and it had the depth I was looking for as I wanted to put one of my spinning wheels on the top for display and open up my floor space.  (I have three spinning wheels that I use so they use up real estate.   So off to Decatur on a rainy Friday afternoon and this beauty is waiting for me.  

Now, the cuboard is heavy and a home made piece, Circa 1920s.  At one time it was actually used as a wardrobe as their is a hand hewn wooden bar across the top fo clothing.  It has old, black screens on the front doors and the original, removable shelving (three boards for each shelf). Shelving is layered with white and aqua green paint over the years and has a marvelous patina.  Outside paint was a very chippy white that was dropping paint drops as I touched it.  So, I gave it a light sanding and then worked a beachy aqua paint into it.  Then a final sanding to release some of the original white paint under it and show the heavily worn wood in spots.  I love the way this turned out and no more lead paint chips on the carpet.

I put my Scottish Castle spinning wheel on top along with a few antique American baskets, a mantle clock and jug.

Oh, while I was at Barbara's I commented on the antique dress form as well.  She sold that to me too, and wouldn't you know, this was a piece she purchased along with the cupboard from the same dealer, Sweet T.  So these pretty pieces made their way from Snellville to Decatur to Lawrenceville, kinda like an Antique Triangle of treasure.

Did a little more treasure hunting on Saturday and found this pair of adorable, Shirley Temple prints.

This lovely Jemez piece went straight into my personal collection.

The Buford Queen of Hearts will be holding their Holiday Open House starting Thursday, Nov 12 so I had to get my spaces decorated.  

I decorated this antique beaver top hat for the season.  You can wear it or use it as a decorative element. Love the David Copperfield, Christmas Story look to it.

The color red is king over the holidays and the lovely cut to clear crystal decanter is a beauty and looks lovely next to the EAPG  covered sugar bowl.

Everybody loves snow babies and these are in my main space looking for a home to live in.

Beaded fruit sparkles in the holiday light.

Gorgeous EAPG covered compote will be in my space next weekend.  
Still can't believe that it is November and Thanksgiving is a few weeks away with Christmas following close on that holiday's heals.  This year is coming to an end so quickly so wishing blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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